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Where to donate stuff when moving

by Ethan Greenfieldon Dec 7, 2017. Every moving expert will tell you that the fewer items you intend to move to your new home, the cheaper your moving costs will be. Common sense, really. But how to decide what to get rid of when moving home is obviously a personal …

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8 Ways to Sell Your Stuff Before You Move

You’re preparing to move and it’s time to declutter. Don’t just trash the stuff you don’t need when you can make some decent money selling it. In fact, 77 percent of people said they’ve tried to sell belongings before a move, according to a new survey released by SpareFoot.com. While there …

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How to sell stuff online when moving?

by Ethan Greenfieldon Nov 29, 2016. It’s a well-known secret that moving house can be a costly affair, especially if you’re planning to move a lot of things over a great distance. In the majority of cases, the $$$ signs will take center stage in your mind, right there with …

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