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Should you hire movers or do it yourself?

by Ethan Greenfieldon Feb 13, 2018. One of the best things about moving from one home to another is that you are given a number of good options about how to approach the home moving process: hire movers, move by yourself, or perform a hybrid move between the two. Having …

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What You Should Know Before Renting a Basement Apartment

Basement apartments sound great on paper: They’re private, cozy little abodes that end up costing you less money! According to Street Easy, basement apartments (in New York City) have a strict set of regulations: “To be characterized as a basement apartment, at least half of the height of the apartment must …

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50 Things You Should Get Rid of Now

If your home  is cluttered with a bunch of space-hogging stuff, deciding what to keep and what to toss can seem like a huge task. So why not start with the items that definitely should go? Here’s a list of 50 things to throw away, donate or recycle right away: …

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