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How to pack for an international move?

by Ethan Greenfieldon Oct 4, 2016. So, it’s for real – you’re moving to another country and a whole new life awaits you halfway across the globe (or just across the border, for that matter). You are, no doubt, excited and scared and overwhelmed all at the same time, and …

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How to move with plants?

by Ethan Greenfieldon Oct 27, 2016. House plants can transform any home into a welcoming oasis of warmth and beauty. But the greatest thing about plants is that they are not just soulless decorations that will beautify your place (like a painting or a vase, for example) – they are …

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How to move a washing machine by yourself

by Ethan Greenfieldon Feb 21, 2017. Your household move is just around the corner and there are so many things you are yet to take care of before the move-out day itself. Together with figuring out how to pack up and move your large furniture pieces, another major concern of …

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