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7 Secrets to Moving Large Furniture By Yourself

As someone who’s lived alone, I’ve often moved heavy pieces of furniture on my own with a little ingenuity and a few tricks. However, I’ve also learned that taking on too much by myself can lead to injuries or embarrassing situations. One time, I got wedged beneath a massive desk …

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Does my furniture need furniture movers?

by Ethan Greenfieldon Sep 19, 2017. You’re probably not too worried about how to pack up and move your book collection – you just find strong cardboard boxes, arrange the books carefully inside them (no book spines should be facing you), and you make sure those boxes do not become …

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How to pack furniture for moving?

by Ethan Greenfieldon Mar 31, 2016. It’s no secret that packing is the most laborious, time-consuming, and challenging moving task of them all. However, packing is quite a general term – packing books, for example, is a completely different experience from packing glasses, or pictures, or electronics, etc. So, when …

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