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How to get an accurate moving estimate

by Ethan Greenfieldon Sep 12, 2017. As you certainly know, proper planning is the key to success. As you probably also know, planning a residential move is not a simple task – you need to properly organize all the aspects of the relocation process, complete all the moving tasks with …

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How to Estimate a Cost of Your Move

One of a initial things you’ll do when relocating is, try to guess a cost of your move. If we have a good thought about a stretch to move, a volume of equipment we have, relocating reserve required, and travel costs (quotes from relocating companies), we can simply guess a …

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How do moving companies estimate weight?

by Ethan Greenfieldon Jan 26, 2017. Are you good at guessing? You are? Perfect. In this case, how much do you think your 3-cushion sofa weighs? 350 pounds? Bingo! Want to play the ultimate guessing game in order to guesstimate how much each and every possession in your home weighs? …

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