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What to do after moving to a new state?

by Ethan Greenfieldon Nov 2, 2015. Moving house was never meant to be easy. The process of moving to another state is filled with so many moving related tasks to take care of and so many key decisions to make that home movers often feel overwhelmed by the complexity of …

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How to host a housewarming party after the move?

by Ethan Greenfieldon Jul 13, 2016. Congratulations on your recent household move! Now, regardless of whether you’re a new home owner or a property renter, and irrespective of whether you have finished the unpacking project, or you’re roughly in the middle of it, or maybe you haven’t even started it, …

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How to adjust after moving?

by Ethan Greenfieldon Sep 13, 2016. So, you did it – you moved halfway across the state (or across the country, or across the world) and now you find yourself in your new home and… feel completely out of place. Everything is new, and unfamiliar, and confusing, and scary and …

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