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Before you can get serious about tackling your moving checklist, one item at a time, there’s one important task that you should do first and foremost – secure the services of a good moving company.

If you’re still not sure whether you should hire a moving company to take care of the toughest aspects of your move OR whether you should test your organization skills by attempting a self-move, follow this link to learn the advantages of hiring a professional mover.

Note that a successful move always comes as a result of making all the right choices, or at least the choices that do matter. And assuming that you’ve made the informed decision to use the services of a top-rated moving company, the quickest way find such a reputable mover is through reliable recommendations.

Trustworthy recommendations are always valuable, but when it comes to choosing a reputable mover for your upcoming relocation, such advice can easily become INVALUABLE.

How to get recommendations for movers? Here are the top 3 ways to find recommended movers via recommendations.


We start off with the best way to find top moving companies – through personal references for movers from people you can actually trust.

The TRUST factor is absolutely crucial here. Why? In a world where everybody’s claiming to be the best one in order to win your trust as a consumer of various goods or services, it can be pretty refreshing to get unbiased opinions about professional movers from the folks you trust the most – your friends.

The best thing about asking your friends for movers recommendations is that they won’t have anything to gain from lying to you or embroidering the truth in any way. In fact, you can rest assured that you’re going to hear it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Basically, there are two effective ways to get recommendations for movers from friends, family members, work colleagues, and neighbors.

  • Face-to-face. If you happen to have enough time until your move date (usually more than a month), then you can organize face-to-face meetings with friends of yours who have used professional moving services recently or in the not-so-distant past. Invite them over for a cup of coffee or meet them in the park for a nice walk – your mission is to learn the name of the moving company they used and hear about their experiences with the professionals. Try to understand WHY exactly your friends would or would NOT recommend their moving company.
  • Remotely. If you don’t have much time until moving day or you’re not really in the mood to meet some of your friends in person, then a great option is to ask your friends for movers recommendations via your favorite social network. For example, a Facebook post like “HELP! Can somebody recommend me a good mover?” will surely get your pals’ attention. Hopefully, you’ll end up with a few names of recommended movers near you.

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Reviews of movers

The next best thing to having friends, neighbors, and colleagues recommend you reputable moving companies is checking movers reviews and moving company ratings on specialized websites. In reality, examining the online reputation of movers is an important step in the process of finding the best rated moving companies in your area.

Users of professional moving services will often leave feedback about their respective movers after the move is over. In those brief narratives, customers tell what their movers did right and what they did wrong, including giving more details about any issues, problems, misunderstandings or disputes they might have had with the pros.

Customer reviews about moving companies can be very useful because they are supposed to show how trustworthy a professional mover is. Under ideal conditions, such reviews should serve as a guide, giving you a general idea of which companies are safe to be hired and which ones are not.

When looking for one of the best interstate moving companies, visit the most trusted movers reviews websites such as MyMovingReviews and Yelp. There, you’ll be able to access for free hundreds of customer reviews and overall ratings that should help you make the right choice in choosing a reliable relocation partner.

The reviews of movers and packers can lead you to good recommended movers, but you should also keep in mind that not all movers reviews you’ll find online will be genuine. You may run into a small number of fake reviews too, so you might as well take those moving company ratings with a grain of salt and use the online recommendations only as guidance.

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Business ratings

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers strict standards for business accreditation aimed at enhancing customer trust and confidence in business. Those Accreditation Standards are built on eight principles (BBB Standards for Trust) that highlight the importance of creating and maintaining trust in business.

The third way to get recommendations for moving companies is to check the BB ratings of movers before you decide whether to hire their relocation services or not. Of course, you should stay away from moving companies that are not BBB accredited or ones that have very low BBB ratings.

The Better Business Bureau sets high standards for trust between consumers (in this case people who are looking to find a good mover, just like you) and businesses (professional moving companies in this example). The Bureau uses ratings from A+ (the highest one) to F (the lowest one) to show how trustworthy a mover is.

The BBB rating system uses 7 major rating elements that provide all the relevant information about moving companies, including all official complaints received about a specific mover from the public. Each rating element brings points that help determine the final Letter Rating of a professional moving company.

It’s important to note that customer reviews are NOT used in the calculation of the BBB Letter Grade Rating.

So, armed with dependable recommendations from friends and a score of customer reviews from trusted movers reviews websites, your third and final step is to visit the Better Business Review’s website and check the movers’ ratings. As a rule of thumb, you can’t go wrong with a BBB-accredited moving company with letter ratings of A+, A, or A-.

All in all, it’s great to get trustworthy recommendations when looking for the best moving companies in the country. However, you won’t always have the required time to get those recommendations or to research the movers thoroughly as you should.

So, if you find yourself in a real hurry to find yourself a good mover, use our cost estimator to get contacted by pre-screened moving companies that are properly registered by the U.S. Department of Transportation and adequately insured against move-related accidents.

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