How much do movers charge per hour?

How much do movers charge per hour?More about Ethan Greenfield

It’s important to keep in mind that when moving to a new home located less than 100 miles within the same state, you’re actually performing a local move – that is, you’re moving locally.

And why is that important for you to know, you may ask?

The significance of that piece of information lies in the fact that, when you hire professional movers to move your belongings from Point A to Point B, you will be charged by the hour.

And whenever you hire movers by the hour, you must be familiar with the typical hourly rate for local movers so that you can have a rough idea about how much you will pay the professionals in the end.

Read on to learn the average cost of movers per hour and the extra hourly rates for local movers.

Confirmation: You’re hiring local movers for your move

If you’re trying to find out how much movers cost for a local move, then you must have already solved the inevitable conundrum when moving locally: hire movers or move by yourself?

That’s right – sometimes it can be really difficult to decide which way to go – the professional way or the DIY way.

There are 3 major hints to follow here:

  • Previous experience. Have you ever organized a self-move before? If not, go with a reputable local mover.
  • Enough manpower. Have you got enough reliable helpers to give you a hand on the day of the move? If not, hire the services of a local moving company.
  • Special items to move. Do you have any specialty items of great value in your home? If yes, then leave the delicate job to experienced movers.

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How much do movers cost per hour?

The moment you hire a local mover to take care of your belongings, TIME becomes a huge factor. Naturally, when you’re being charged by the hour, the duration of the house move will determine the final cost.

The average hourly rate for movers is around $30 per hour per mover.

Although the hourly charge can be higher depending on your specific location and the moving company itself, you can still use that average cost of local movers to get a rough calculation of the expected final bill.

Before signing any paperwork, make sure you get a binding estimate in writing from a trustworthy local mover.

So, with an average moving company hourly rate of $30, here are the approximate local move costs broken down into various home sizes:

  • Studio apartment. When moving out of a studio apartment, 2 movers should be able to complete the job in around 3-4 hours, which will cost you roughly $180-$240. This estimated cost does not include any additional services or extra charges.
  • 2-bedroom apartment. When moving out of a 2-bed apartment with an approximated footage of 1000 square feet, 3 hired men should be able to finish the relocation job in 5-6 hours, which will amount to around $450-$540 without any extra costs or charges.
  • 3-bedroom home. When moving out of a 3-bedroom apartment or house (approx. 2000 square feet), 4 local movers should be expected to complete the move in 8-9 hours or so, which will increase the movers hourly charge to about $960-$1080. Of course, any additional fees and charges will be billed extra.

If you’re moving out of a 4-bedroom home, or a larger home, the local moving cost will increase substantially and can easily hit and pass the $2000 mark. Again, it’s essential that you get a precise moving cost estimate from reputable and reliable local movers.

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Additional moving rates per hour

Although these average costs of local movers will help you get a ballpark estimation of the cost of your move, the final price you pay will depend on the nature and number of any extra services you request and any additional charges and fees you get hit with.

  • More hired helpers. Each additional mover you hire should cost you an extra $30 or so. The good news here is that, in theory at least, more professional movers should be able to complete the move faster, which will reduce the total move time, hence the final price.
  • Additional services. It goes without saying that each additional service will cost you more. If you want your items placed in storage until you are ready to receive them at the new address, that will cost you extra. If you request special crating services for some of your super valuable items, then the cost will increase.
    Additional services offered by moving companies
  • Extra charges and fees. You may get charged more if your movers get to handle bulky items or if they need to carry your things up and down multiple flights of stairs in case of a broken or missing elevator. A long carry fee is another charge you should be aware of. Just make sure you discuss all possible charges and fees with your local moving company prior to Moving day itself.
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  • Additional insurance. The basic coverage you will receive free of charge is practically non-existent – Moving Valuation offers a compensation of only 60 cents per pound. Therefore, if you’re moving relatively valuable items, then you’re strongly advised to purchase additional insurance, either from the local mover itself or from an insurance company.
    Do you really need moving insurance?
  • Tipping local movers. Hiring movers by the hour will also mean that you will be expected to tip your local movers unless you’re really dissatisfied with their work. So, it’s a good idea to include the tips in the final cost of the local move.
    How much to tip local movers? A good tipping rule you should adhere to is to tip $5 an hour per mover if they do a good job, or $7-$8 an hour per mover if they do an outstanding job packing and moving your possessions. Remember to tip each hired worker individually – NEVER give the lump sum to the foreman (usually the driver).
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That’s right, moving to a new home can be rather expensive. Luckily, there are a number of good ways to reduce moving costs, so what are you waiting for?

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