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Have you ever wondered why everyone wants to move to Colorado?

That is NOT a coincidence.

Read on to understand the major reasons why you should move to Colorado without delay. Regardless of whether you’re single or you have a family with children and pets, soon enough the real question for you will be why you have waited until now to relocate there.

Here are the top 10 reasons to move to Colorado:

#1: Economic growth

Why is everyone moving to Colorado? Of course, everybody has their own reasons to move to Colorado and call it their new home, but one huge reason why people from all over the country are flocking to the magical state in record numbers is the thriving economic growth and the splendid job opportunities.

In 2017, WalletHub ranked Colorado as the #1 state for job opportunities and the second most attractive state for employment in the country. With some of the highest GDP growth in the entire country in recent years, you should clearly be thinking about moving to Colorado to find a good job or to advance your career.

#2: Denver

Denver – the state capital and the largest city within a 500-mile radius – is situated exactly 1 mile above sea level. Interestingly enough, the Mile-High City can easily be the sole reason you should move to Colorado.

You’ll be glad to learn that Denver has it all – a strong economy (Forbes has ranked Denver 4th on their list of the Best Places for Business and Careers), virtually endless opportunities for outdoor activities all year round, around 300 days of sunshine a year, a rare chance to experience the wonders of nature and big city living at the same time, and of course – as friendly people as they come.

Moving to Denver – a progressive city with some of the safest and best-rated suburbs in the entire country – can be your best chance to drastically improve your lifestyle.

#3: Breathtaking nature

You’d better stop looking for weak reasons not to move to Colorado – after all, the postcard natural beauty of the state should be enough to get you to pack up your things and research your relocation options.

Known as the Switzerland of America, Colorado features magnificent mountains, ranges, and peaks. The Rocky Mountains alone contain 53 fourteeners (43ers).  Also, the state happens to be home to an overwhelming number of national parks, recreation areas, historic and scenic trails, forests, grasslands, wilderness areas, wildlife areas and refugees, and more.

It’s the natural diversity of Colorado that draws people from all over – mountains, plains, deserts, canyons, forests, rivers, lakes – the 8th geographically largest U.S. state offers it all.

#4: The weather is just too nice

Your moving to Colorado checklist of good relocation reasons should definitely include the weather. Yes, there’s winter and there’s snow, but you won’t have to wear ski jackets and other winter clothes all year round.

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Denver features an average of 3,106 hours of sunshine a year – that equals around 300 days of sunshine. Even during the winter months, the temperature highs easily reach 75 degrees.

With so many beautiful and sunny days that offer plenty of outdoor activities and a healthy dose of Vitamin D, it’s hard not to be tempted to move to Colorado, especially if you live in a state with a climate that isn’t much to your liking.

#5: Skiers’ paradise

If you love skiing, then that alone is a really good reason to move to Colorado… like right now. You’ll be glad to learn that the Centennial State is the place to be if your thoughts constantly take you back to the white slopes and the pleasure you get as soon as you put on your pair of skis.

The state of Colorado is any skier’s dream with more than 4,200 meters of ski terrain distributed among 54 mountain peaks. Aspen, Breckenridge, Vail, and Telluride are only a handful of top-rated ski towns that offer unforgettable ski weekends. Even if you don’t enjoy skiing that much, an enjoyable trip around the ski resorts with your ski buddies will give you a welcoming break from work and will recharge your batteries like never before.

#6: Healthy lifestyle

One of the top reasons to move to Colorado is its healthier lifestyle. The state is genuinely outdoor lovers’ paradise because there’s always somewhere to go and always something to do.

The 21st most populous U.S. state offers seemingly endless opportunities to ski, bike, hike, walk and run. The majestic mountains in the state, including the Rockies, as well as the 4 national parks, 3 national historic trails, 11 national forests, 44 state parks, and 307 state wildlife areas make up for exciting nature activities all year round.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that of all 50 states, Colorado has the lowest adult obesity rate in the country.

#7: Delicious craft beer

If you’re a true beer lover, then you should start looking for a good mover today.

One of the things to know when moving to Colorado is that more than 230 established craft breweries can be found in the state, including the largest single brewery in the world – Adolph Coors Co. In fact, the state is the national leader in microbreweries per capita.

Beer festivals and brewery tours are very popular throughout the state, including the Great American Beer Festival held annually in Denver where you can try out any of the 1,800 different brews produced by more than 400 craft breweries. Amusingly, the state capital is sometimes referred to as the Napa Valley of Beer.

Warning: The craft beer throughout Colorado is very delicious, so make sure you drink responsibly.

#8: A sports haven

If you love sports, then the state of Colorado is the perfect place to move to because you’ll never be bored again.

The Denver Metropolitan Area features teams in all 5 major professional sports leagues: Denver Broncos (National Football League), Denver Nuggets (National Basketball Association), Colorado Rockies (Major League Baseball), Colorado Avalanche (National Hockey League), and Colorado Rapids (Major League Soccer). College sports are also big in the state.

Most Coloradans love sports, and there’s a good reason for that – their favorite teams do not disappoint them. In 2015, The Broncos won the Super Bowl championship (their 3-rd overall), the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche often reach the playoffs, and the Colorado Rockies won the National League championship in 2017.

#9: No shortage of exciting things to do

Why should you move to Colorado? It’s simple: there’s an exciting adventure waiting for you at every corner. And you don’t need to be a true adventure seeker to enjoy your life in Colorado.

If you’re into outdoor activities, skiing, sports, and recreation, then moving to the state of Colorado may as well be one of the best decisions in your life. If you like arts and cultural events, then the state capital has it all for you: Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Denver Zoo will give you tons of fun and unforgettable experiences. The second largest performing arts center in the world is here too – Denver Performing Art Complex.

If you’re looking for ways to get the adrenaline pumping through your veins, then it’s time to try out slope skiing, water rafting, cross-country mountain biking, and hot-air ballooning.


You don’t really need a 10th reason to move to Colorado as soon as possible, do you?

And now that you must be wondering how much it costs to move to Colorado, request price quotes from top-rated long distance movers and learn the cost to move to Colorado to plan your relocation budget.

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