What to do when your best friend is moving away

What to do when your best friend is moving awayMore about Ethan Greenfield

The unpredictability of life can be both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. You never know what tomorrow will bring, do you? One day you and your best friend are making promises to stay together and be there for each other no matter what, and the next day you learn the terrible news that he or she must move away to a place far from where you are – a new city, a new state, or even a new country in another continent!

Your best friend moving away can be a very sad and very painful experience for you, for both of you, and the fact that you’ll soon be going through a plethora of strong emotions throughout this transitional period will not make things any easier for you.

Learn how to deal with your best friend moving away. No matter the distance between you, this doesn’t have to be and it shouldn’t be the end of your friendship. And it won’t be, not as long as you know what to do when your best friend is moving away from you.

Discuss the upcoming move with your friend

The very first thing you need to do when you learn that your friend is moving away is to find time to sit down and discuss the upcoming move with them. It won’t matter if you go for a walk in the park, take a stroll by the water, or sit down in your favorite bar – the important thing is to have an open conversation about the big change that is already banging on the door.

The thought alone of seeing your best friend go away is horrible, and you know things are going to get worse the moment the moving truck pulls away from their home. Be completely honest with each other – don’t hide important details that may later lead to possible misunderstandings and even hard feelings.

Be a good listener

Where that pre-move conversation will take you will depend largely on the core reasons behind your best pal’s decision to move away.

If your friend is moving to another place for an exciting reason (marriage, a better job, a better life, etc.), then he or she should be really excited about the forthcoming move. Though saddened by the thought of having your best friend move away, do your best to share their excitement and be happy for them.

On the other hand, if your friend is moving away for reasons that make them sad and miserable, then be there for them at that difficult moment. Don’t stop yourself from sharing some tears together.

Either way, lend your sympathetic ear to your friend’s worries, hopes, expectations, and fears regarding the impending home move.

Accept and support your friend’s move

The sooner you realize that your best friend is moving for real and that things out of your hands, the easier it will be for you to accept it.

Don’t forget that acceptance is truly essential when you have your best friend moving away. If you choose to deny that things are changing the way they are, then that will make the inevitable move even more difficult both for you and your mate.

The best thing you can do under the newly-created circumstances is to accept that your friend is following their own path in life, and once you do that, then you must prove your friendship by being 100% supportive of their decision to move home.

Remember that your support and even encouragement to follow their destined path in life will be an invaluable stepping stone for your close friend.

Help your best friend move home

In terms of pragmatism, the best thing you can do when your best friend is moving away is to offer to help them with their move.

Know that moving home is a lot of hard work, which means that your pal will be extraordinarily stressed out due to their simultaneous fight on two fronts: the struggle caused by having to leave good friends and familiar surroundings, and the battle of organizing a successful home move.

There are many ways you can help your friend have a smoother move:

  • aid them in finding a good moving company,
  • help them inventory their home and sort out their belongings,
  • offer readily your packing skills,
  • assist them in completing various tasks in their moving checklist.

Make sure you lend your dear friend a helping hand, even if that should mean a bit of heavy furniture lifting as well.

Throw a farewell party

Organizing a party may not seem like the best way to handle your best friend moving away, but in reality, a farewell party can be an excellent method of marking the end of one life chapter and the start of another.

Have mutual friends come over so that your best friend has the chance to see and talk to everyone before the move takes place. Emotions usually run high at goodbye parties, so expect that there will be tears and sadness, but also smiles and laughter while reminiscing the grand times you all had together.

Encourage everyone to give a short speech in which to say their own goodbyes to the friend who’s moving away soon. Try to make your farewell speech extra special – make sure you emphasize how much your friendship means to you.

Get your best friend a goodbye gift

Another thing you can and should do when your best friend is moving away is to give them a nice gift to remember you by – something nice and meaningful and sentimental. This way, you’ll have yet another original way to say goodbye in a way that you’ll both feel some kind of closure.

Gifts for friends moving away don’t have to be expensive in any way. In the best case scenario, it will be something special to reflect your friendship like something creative you yourself have made, for example: creating a gift card, writing a poem, drawing a painting, or composing a song. Other ideas for good moving away gifts for friends include books, framed artwork, plants, personalized items, or anything else that you know will make your best friend happy.

Spend some quality time together

Your best friend is moving away, but he or she has not yet moved, so you still have the chance to spend some cool time together. Your options will largely depend on how many days there are until their move-out date. Ideally, your pal will be able to find a gap in their moving checklist to do something together like you used to do before the unfortunate news of the impending move reached your ears.

Go watch a movie together. Take walks in the park or hike in nature. Go fishing or camping. Play together you sport you both love. Set aside a long weekend just for both of you. Play your favorite board games.

Just hang around, spend as much time together as possible before the wicked move takes your best friend away.

Promise to keep in touch

Understand that your best friend moving away is not the end of your friendship. One very important thing to do when your best friend is moving to a new city, a new state or another country is to promise to each other that you will keep in touch, or least do your best to do so.

Luckily, in this day and age, it’s easier than ever to keep in touch regardless of the distance:

  • Phone. Long distance phone calls don’t need to be too expensive, just contact your phone service provider and find a monthly plan that will suit your needs.
  • Letters. Real letters are still number one when it comes meaningful and touching form of long-distance communication.
  • E-mail. E-mailing is instant and will give you an excellent way to stay in touch with your best friend regardless of where they are moving to.
  • Instant messaging. There is a great choice of chat or video conferencing software out there, and you probably already have a preferred instant messaging program to start with.
  • Social networks. Keeping in touch with your best friend via your favorite social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.) is a no-brainer, and there is only one thing that can stop you from accomplishing that – no Internet connection. And that excuse, mind you, is too weak to be even taken seriously.

How to keep in touch with friends after the move

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