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Having analyzed the pros and cons of Move Yourself vs. Hiring Movers, you have made the smart decision to hire professional packers and movers to take care of your house move for you. After all, it’s the choice that makes a lot of sense when you’re moving long distance, when you can’t persuade your friends to help you out, or when you just don’t wish to go through all the stressful hassle of moving on your own.

And with Moving day almost knocking on your front door, you may start to wonder what to do when movers arrive. What to do during your full-service move is definitely an important question to answer now that professionals are taking over your residential move:

  • Should you have done something before movers arrive?
  • Should you offer to help your movers? And if yes, how?
  • Should you just stand aside and let movers do what they do best?

It’s normal to be unsure what to do while movers are moving your stuff, especially if you’re using a moving company for the first time. So, read on to learn your own leading role on Moving day.

Be prepared for your packers and movers

Before you can worry about what to do while movers are packing up your things, you need to make sure you are ready for the arrival of the pros. Here are the major things you have to do to prepare for movers and packers:

  • Have only items worth packing. Inventory your home before your packers come and leave only the things that you must take with you at all costs. Yes, get rid of unwanted stuff to cut your moving expenses and save time, money and space in the long run. How to get rid of unwanted stuff?
  • Defrost and clean up your fridge. You can’t do this task on Moving day itself because, even if you choose to clean your fridge after the move, the defrosting process alone can take approximately 8 hours. Click here to learn how to prepare your refrigerator for moving.
  • Pack up essentials boxes. It’s a good idea to start preparing your boxes of absolute essentials a few days prior to Moving day. Important items such as documents, valuables, prescription medicine, and a number of other life-savers should never leave your side anyway. What to pack in an open-first box?

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Help packers be more productive in their work

Your packers and movers are already here – what should you do NOW?

Just before they start work – packing up your home and loading them into the moving van, there are a few significant things you should do to guarantee a quick and effective packing job.

  • Welcome your packers and movers. Walk the hired movers around your home and show them what needs to be packed up and loaded. They will have a pretty good idea what to expect from the in-home visual inspection they did right before they issued you with price quotes. Still, it’s your duty to provide them with full and complete information without withholding any critical details.
  • Be mindful of your movers’ needs. Your packers and movers are not pre-programmed robots – they are just humans like you. What to do for movers is to provide them with easy access to the bathroom, have liquid soap and disposable paper towels ready. Also, offer refreshments to your hired workers – bottles of water or other non-alcoholic drinks, including coffee and tea, to keep them hydrated. Finally, provide some snacks, sandwiches or order them lunch (pizza usually works ok) to keep their energy levels elevated throughout the move.

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Help your movers to cut your move time

Your packers have already started work. As a rule of thumb, your movers won’t need you to supervise their work (they know what to do!) but they may still need you to answer some questions or provide specific instructions. Also, they will probably need you to review and sign certain papers during the home packing process.

Here’s a list of the things you should do when movers are packing up your stuff in order to cut the move time and thus save money. Keep in mind that reducing the overall move time with even one hour can save you around one hundred dollars, or sometimes even more.

  • If you’re really serious about reducing the move time and saving some cash in the process, then you should definitely consider packing by yourself the easiest things to pack in a home – clothes, shoes, and books.
  • Take down photos, pictures, portraits or any other frames pieces of art from the walls. Also, remove any wall clocks, mirrors, or other decorative elements that may be hanging from the walls of your home. Again, it’s the little things that will add up and save precious time in the end.
  • Fold up your bedding and bare your mattress to be ready for packing. Place blankets, pillows, and sheets inside a moving box to save time.
  • Disconnect and unplug all electronic devices, lamps and electric appliances. Take photos of the way your electronics are wired up to save precious time when you get down to organizing those cords after the move.
  • Set aside the things you don’t want your packers and movers to pack and move – these are the very items you will take with you. We don’t only mean the contents of your essentials boxes.

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Ensure moving day safety

If you want to know how to help movers in the best possible way, then do consider providing a good level of safety during the most unpredictable day when moving between two homes.

  • Small children. Small children should be kept away from the packing and moving action as things can get rather dangerous. Create a safe room for small kids to be looked after, and even think about hiring a babysitter for the day so that you can concentrate on your tasks. Should you hire a babysitter on Moving day?
  • Pets. Pets don’t have any business running around on Moving day either. Keep your animal friend in a room away from the relocation madness or leave him or her with a trusted neighbor until the packers and movers have completed their job.

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Do nothing special

What to do when movers are there in your home? Well, you’re paying for a full-service move so you may just do nothing while packers are packing and movers are moving your household items. How to ensure Moving day help?

Of course, you can go out and run some errands while your hired workers labor away – you can even try to enjoy your free time and meet up with friends and family members before you move away. In the meantime, it’s important that you appoint a trusted person to stay in your home in case questions, doubts, or problems arise. Whatever you choose to do, just be there when the packers and movers finish their job so that you can tackle all the details and paperwork.

Oh, and don’t forget to prepare some cash for tips.

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