Does my furniture need furniture movers?

Why hire furniture movers
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You’re probably not too worried about how to pack up and move your book collection – you just find strong cardboard boxes, arrange the books carefully inside them (no book spines should be facing you), and you make sure those boxes do not become too heavy in the end.

You’re probably not overly concerned about how to pack and move your clothes either – what’s the worst that can happen to a piece of clothing? If you do own expensive designer clothes, then you just use specialized wardrobe boxes and things will be alright.

However, one quick glance at all the furniture you have in your home and you can tell right away that you won’t have it that easy this time. Most furniture pieces are big (huge!), heavy (too heavy!) and expensive (priceless even!), so you just know that you will have to weigh in various furniture moving options, including hiring professional furniture movers.

Will your furniture need furniture movers? Read on to learn the true reasons why you should seriously consider hiring professional furniture movers.

Should I move my furniture at all?

Is it better to move my furniture or just buy it new after the move?” The thing is that it won’t be long before you start asking yourself this very question – answer it correctly and you’ll get a good home moving bonus (saved time + saved money), answer it wrong and both your schedule and budget will get hit with an extra burden.

So, how do you know if your furniture is worth moving in the first place?

  • Current condition. Are your furniture pieces still in good overall condition? How many more years do you think they can serve you? What’s the point of paying for having a furniture piece transported only to replace it shortly after the move?
  • Practical value. Are your pieces still highly practical and functional? Will they match the interior and layout of your new home? Will they even fit into the new house or apartment?
  • Sentimental value. Are the pieces you intend to move sentimentally charged or are they just ordinary household items you have no special attachment to? Valuable antique furniture is usually worth the packing trouble, moving efforts and transportation costs.
  • Monetary value. How much did you pay for your furniture in the first place? Do you have some pieces that are really high-quality ones made by a distinguished manufacturer?

Check out our comprehensive Move or Buy New Furniture guide to make the right call and save valuable time and hard-earned money.

Why my furniture needs furniture movers

By now you should have answered the question of whether you should move your furniture pieces or not. If you’re thinking of moving only some of the pieces (the most common scenario), then you will need to decide what to do with the ones that remain behind. Your first impulse may be to try to sell them (after all, you wouldn’t mind pocketing some extra cash, would you?), but the honorable option of gifting unwanted furniture pieces to friends or family, or even donating them to less fortunate people than you is definitely worth exploring.

Now, off to the next important question, “Can I move my furniture by myself, or should I hire professional furniture movers?

  • Safety. Moving safety is an essential ingredient for a successful move with no personal injuries to the people involved in the household move, no property damage to the home you’re moving out of or to the furniture pieces themselves, or shattered nerves due to things not going according to plan. Professional furniture movers have been trained to follow strict safety rules when packing and handling big and heavy furniture.
  • Furniture disassembly. Do you know how to disassemble your own furniture pieces so that they can be packed easier and safer? Long distance furniture movers offer furniture disassembly and reassembly as an additional service that is charged separately. They have years of furniture handling experience and the right tools to take apart your oversized pieces in the safest way possible, and then put them back together in your new place.
  • Packing. When was the last time you packed your own furniture for a move? Packing furniture when moving home is usually harder than it looks not only because you will need to know which areas and elements of the furniture piece to protect, but also because you should know how to achieve that level of protection. Besides, furniture moving companies come with the proper amount and type of high-quality packing materials so that your pieces get the best treatment and protection possible.
  • Moving equipment. Will you be able to gather up enough friendly manpower to handle your heavy furniture? Cross country furniture movers don’t rely entirely on their physical strength – rather, they take advantage of professional furniture moving equipment that always make the entire home moving process much easier and safer. In reality, they come prepared with furniture dollies and hand trucks, furniture sliders and moving pads, furniture blankets, furniture moving straps, and so on. Do you even know where to rent or purchase a furniture dolly?
  • Efficiency. How fast can you pack up and move your own furniture pieces with the help of a few loyal friends? Some moving days are all about efficiency, and if you’re moving in a hurry yourself, then you’ll soon find out that you simply lack the experience, expertise and specialized equipment of in-home furniture movers to match their speed.
  • Custom furniture moving solutions. Ultimately, professional moving services are hired when you can’t do anything yourself, or when you can but you just don’t have the time to do it. If you own antique furniture that requires special handling, then you’d better contact reputable antique furniture movers. If you have oversized furniture what won’t fit through doors or corridors, then you’d better get in touch with furniture movers in your area that will solve the issue in the most practical way.

Moving heavy furniture on your own can be rather risky for you, your prized pieces and the home you’re moving out or into. You may be thinking that you’re saving a fortune by not relying on furniture moving services only to find out later that the time, energy and nerves you lost during your brave self-moving attempt were not justifiable by any means.

More often than not, the relocation choice you won’t regret starts with furniture moving quotes and ends with furniture movers handshakes and tips for a job well-done.

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