How to pack trophies when moving

How to pack trophies when moving
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Your residential move has just been confirmed, and you’re about to take the preliminary exploration tour around your home with the purpose of deciding which household items you will take with you to the new residence, and which ones you will leave behind. You’ve read some good moving tips and you know perfectly well that moving only the things you will need in the future can save you both plenty of money and a staggering amount of time.

And it’s in that very moment that you suddenly catch a glimpse of your trophy cabinet. And no, it’s not a display of your hunting trophies from animals you’ve KILLED in the past – rather, it’s a proud display of the trophies, awards, plaques, medals, cups, and prizes you’ve WON through the years.

Now, a couple of critical questions pop up in your head with the speed of light:

1) Is it worth moving all the trophies you own?

2) How to pack trophies when moving so that they survive the relocation trip in one piece?

Read on to get familiar with the best trophy packing tips to protect your tokens of achievement and recognition, as well as your keepers of sweet memories during the house move.

Is packing and moving trophies really worth it?

Whether you choose to move your trophies or not can be a tough decision, but it is one you must make nevertheless. Asking friends for advice won’t really work either because you will most likely get those types of bipolar opinions that usually leave a person more confused and indecisive than they were in the beginning.

The chances are that you may hear a wide range of impulsive responses, from “Just throw them away, they are 100% junk.” to “Are you crazy? No matter what happens, you should never ever let go of your priceless trophies.”

Luckily, some of your friends may just shrug their shoulders and tell you that nobody else but you should decide the fate of your own trophies, and they will be right to say so, of course. After all, your prizes, your call.

Regrettably, that call can be really difficult for a number of conflicting reasons.

Why moving your trophies is a good idea

  • Your trophies represent your accomplishments in the past and how they have helped you grow into the person you are right now.
  • Your trophies are your “physical” memories of the successes you’ve had in the past or continue to have at this moment in time.
  • One day, you may need to show your child, your grandchild or a friend that they can also have their share of success. Such a walk down memory lane, backup up with silverware proof, can be quite motivational, especially if they’re struggling with their studies or with extracurricular activities, such as sports.
  • Most of the times, your trophies will fit into a single cardboard box, which you can store safely in a garage or another storage room in the new home.

Why moving your trophies is a bad idea

  • In time, you may have stopped caring about your trophies, which now you view as just another pile of household items to pack and transport.
  • For one reason or another, you may not want to remember that trophy-winning period in your life. Therefore, out of sight, out of mind.
  • It will take time to pack up your trophies, usually more than you think.
  • You may have very limited storage space in your new place, and one more box full of “junk” may prove to be too much for you to bear.

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How to pack trophies when moving

If you’ve made up your mind that you won’t part with your awards, plaques, medals, cups, and prizes, then it’s time to learn how to pack trophies for a move. It’s good to remember that trophies are usually made up of plastic, wood, soft metal, glass, or rubber – or often a combination of all these materials, which makes them rather delicate. Moreover, smaller parts that can be easily broken are also present on most trophies, so the main principles that govern the process of packing fragile items apply here as well.

Here are the steps you need to take to have your trophies protected for the (bumpy) road ahead:

Step 1. Get hold of the packing materials you’re going to need for the trophy packing process:

  • a strong, clean and dry cardboard box of appropriate size,
  • white packing paper,
  • plenty of Bubble wrap,
  • a roll of good-quality packing tape,
  • a black marker.

Step 2. Even if the cardboard box you’re using is brand new, you should still double tape its bottom from the outside for added protection.

Step 3. Take a couple of large sheets of bubble wrap and pad the inside bottom of the box with them. This way, you’re creating a soft initial layer that should do a good job of absorbing any shocks during transit.

Step 4. Now it’s time to pack each prize and award individually. There are a few things to keep in mind here:

  • many larger trophies, especially sporting trophies, have awkward shapes and may present individual packing challenges;
  • some awards, like plaques, for example, may have their own protective covers or even boxes, so make sure you use those original protectors;
  • some trophies are oddly-balanced – they have much heavier pieces on their bases (marble, solid wood, metal) and much lighter top sections, usually figurines or other lightweight decorations.

 Step 5. Wrap carefully each trophy in soft packing paper that has no print on it (white paper). Do this cautiously, without putting too much pressure to avoid breakage of super delicate elements. You can use small pieces of tape to hold the bundles together.

Step 6. Cover gently each paper-wrapped prize in Bubble wrap as a second layer of protection. Use pieces of tape to secure the edges.

Step 7. Transfer each well-protected token of recognition into the box, and start arranging them side by side. When you’ve filled the bottom row, place two large pieces of Bubble wrap on top of them and begin the second row. Make sure the heaver trophies go to the bottom of the box, while the lighter ones go on top.

Step 8. As you’re packing your trophies for the move, fill in any empty spaces inside the cardboard box with packing materials – pieces of paper, bubble wrap, or even small pieces of clothing. The idea is to ensure that the packed awards won’t move at all inside the box.

Step 9. When ready, place one final piece of Bubble wrap on the top, close the flaps and tape the top box cover shut. Label the box appropriately, for example, TROPHIES, FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE.

Step 10.  If possible, transport that box in your own vehicle, especially if those trophies still mean a lot to you. But if you have to entrust it to your professional movers, then you can rest assured that your genuine trophy packing method should keep them safe.

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