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There will always be this constant struggle for people who are moving house to do what it takes to cut down the moving costs. After all, the moving process is a notoriously expensive affair, so each and every proven cost-saving technique should be used to one’s advantage. Why move for more when you can move for less, right?

The answer’s never that simple. Depending on the type of household items you’re moving between the two homes, there are times when it’s much better to pay more for luxury moving services in order to guarantee that the truly expensive and valuable possessions of yours will reach your new home perfectly intact.

When to use a luxury moving company? And above all, why should you use luxury movers when you can hire a regular moving company for, usually, less money?

Why use a luxury moving company?

As you can guess from the name, luxury moving companies offer luxury moving solutions to their customers whenever the latter possess items of extraordinary value – either sentimental, or monetary, or both. Luxury movers differ from standard movers in 3 main aspects: expertise, special equipment, and custom crating services:

  • Expertise. Providers of high-end moving services have been extensively trained to pack, protect and move specific luxury goods. The years of particular experience are what make them uniquely qualified to handle specialized relocation jobs which other standard moving companies will refuse.
  • Special equipment. Special pieces of equipment are required to handle the safe relocation of heavier luxury goods. In addition to the high-quality packing materials, luxury home movers also offer special-purpose dollies, custom-built crates, climate-controlled trucks, and heavy-duty hoisting equipment.
  • Custom crating services. The best possible protection for super expensive luxurious goods remains wooden boxes that are custom-built around the high-value articles. Luxury moving specialists offer the service of custom-built crates as a guarantee that the content inside will be 100% protected during transport.

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When to use a luxury moving company?

Nobody wishes to spend too much money on their house move, and that’s true even for people who are doing well from a financial point of you. But when you own really expensive household goods, then using the services of a luxury mover will be worth every single penny in terms of quality moving services and peace of mind.

The house moving scenarios when you should seriously consider using luxury movers are:

1. Fine artwork

If you own valuable or even priceless pieces of art (paintings, sculptures, etc.), then your best bet to keeping the artwork protected is to have custom-built wooden crates around them. Art pieces can be particularly tricky to pack and move safely because of their delicate nature.

Think twice before entrusting your precious pieces of art to a regular moving company – you just won’t have the guarantee your valuable possessions will reach the home safe and sound. You need luxury moving specialists who have been specially trained to handle one-of-a-kind artwork.

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2. Antique furniture

Antique furniture pieces can be rather delicate – fragile even. The long years tend to make antiques much more prone to damage, so your pieces of antique furniture will need the best packing and moving service you can manage to find.

Luxury furniture movers understand the extra dosage of sentimentality infused into any antique furniture pieces (an antique couch, and antique desk, an antique dresser, etc.). Such valuables household items usually stay within the family, being passed down from one generation to another. Get your antique furniture appraised, find yourself a top-rated luxury mover and discuss with them the option of purchasing adequate insurance.

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3. Grandfather clock

If you have a grandfather clock that you won’t leave behind no matter what, then you should know that attempting to move it by yourself is rather risky. In fact, one wrong move on your part can damage forever the high-value article as the inner components of your long case clock (its complex internal mechanism) are extremely delicate.

A grandfather clock must always be disassembled properly – removing the pendulum, taking down the weights, securing the cables and chains, immobilizing the movement, removing the glass shelves and access panel, and so on. Do the right thing and trust a full-service luxury moving company to take care of your priceless grandfather clock.

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4. Wine collection

Wine bottles are truly unique items to move to another house. Wine collections can vary from several bottles to a mind-blowing bunch that can cost thousands of dollars, or even more.

You can attempt to transport only a few bottles in your own vehicle, especially if it’s a short distance move, but if you own a large and truly expensive wine collection, then hire a luxury moving company with extensive experience and expertise in moving wine across the country. The high-end movers will know the storage temperature of wine and the amount of shaking it can endure.

Did you know that in order to transport wine to another stare, luxury movers must be licensed by PHMSA – the Approvals and Permits Division of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration?

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5. Musical instruments

If you own compact musical instruments such as a guitar, a saxophone, a flute, or something similar, then you should consider transporting them in your own vehicle. However, if you’re planning on moving a piano, an organ or a number of large instruments, then you want to trust a top-rated luxury moving company.

Hiring a luxury moving service is a great option when you’re moving a piano, for your prized musical instrument can weigh anywhere between 500 pounds for upright pianos to 1200 pounds for grand pianos, or even more. As you know, pianos are complex musical instruments that can contain more than 7000 finely tuned moving parts.

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6. Pool table

Under normal circumstances, moving a pool table to a new home is not something you should attempt to accomplish on your own. A pool table is considered a luxury item for many, not only because of its high price but also because it requires a lot of space to be installed and enjoyed.

Don’t risk moving a pool table by yourself – they are massive, weigh between 700 pounds and 1,000 pounds, and will cost you dear to have it repaired if you damage its slate(s), for example. There are excellent luxury moving companies that will gladly give you a hand during the often complicated period of moving between two homes.

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Luxury moving companies will offer you an array of specialized moving services so that you can have a relatively stress-free move from Day 1. If you’re the lucky owner a luxury car, reputable luxury movers will give you the best piece of advice about its safe and affordable relocation as well.

And where to find the best luxury moving companies? Remember that your smooth relocation journey starts with a FREE luxury moving quote.

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