5 super fun things to do before moving away

Fun things to do before moving away
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The solid combination of logic and reason state that moving house has nothing to do with fun, and most moving experts would be quick to confirm that the two concepts are mutually exclusive. You’ve probably heard a number of times that moving to another home is a serious matter – an extremely stressful life event where one’s money, time, energy, and efforts will be at serious risk.

And yet, your own upcoming move doesn’t need to be this way. Sure, moving home is generally viewed as a no-fun zone, but it’s up to you to introduce some sort of pre-move entertainment so that you can at least make an effort to enjoy that unique period in your life. Moving house is about change and if you do believe that that change is for the better, then you’re already on the right track.

Learn the top 5 fun things to do before moving away despite what most moving experts say – what do they know about your own house move anyway?

1. Throw a party with your best friends

Few things will bring more genuine pleasure than organizing a farewell party with your best friends before it’s time for you to move away. And while it isn’t particularly fun to say goodbye to some of your best friends – after all, who knows when you will see each other again, you can surely make this one work.

Goodbye parties can be kind of sad, but the great thing about throwing a farewell party just before moving away is that, by inviting everyone you consider a close friend, you will actually have the unique opportunity to see all of them gathered in one place and to spend some fun time with the people who do matter in your life – talking, reminiscing, discussing, joking, laughing…

Luckily, you don’t have to waste much time in preparation for that informal get-together with your pals – refreshing drinks, delicious snacks and nice music in the background are usually enough to keep the good mood for hours. Don’t forget to exchange your contact information and promise to each other to keep in touch after you’ve moved to another city in another state.

From a practical point of view, you can even decide to mix business with pleasure and organize the moving-away party after your friends have helped you pack for the day – it would be a pity not to take advantage of so many helping hands around, wouldn’t it?

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2. Re-visit your most favorite places in town

Hopefully, you won’t have to organize and execute an emergency move, so you should be able to find the time to have one final tour around the town or city you’re about to leave soon. Everyone has their favorite spots in and around the place they live, and so do you, right?

Whether it’s a green area with a small lake, a hiking trail in the forest, a secret beach spot, a large shopping center, or an exciting city museum, it can be a lot of fun to visit those special places again and re-live the memories that you associate with them.

And if you can organize that last tour with one or two of your best friends, then that can easily become the experience that will charge your battery for the tough relocation road ahead. As a bonus, it will give you that important sense of goodbye that should enable you to close the current chapter of your life more easily.

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3. Keep the good memories of your home alive

Leaving the home where you have lived until now can be a hard pill to swallow, especially if you have many good memories in it. However, don’t turn the upcoming move into a sad occasion – you just have to believe that the new home you will soon be moving into will be even better.

Make an effort to capture a bit of those great memories by making a farewell video or creating a photo album of your soon-to-be old residence. In reality, you should be able to turn that memorable activity into hours of fun – go from room to room and have each family member or friend tell their favorite stories or memories linked to that particular room. Be spontaneous and honest while creating that video narrative – that’s the only way to actually enjoy yourself during that extraordinary pre-move activity.

Also, use your digital camera or smartphone to take a lot of photos which you can later arrange into awesome photo albums. Let everyone involved in the move contribute to a house moving scrapbook as well.

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4. Reward yourself with something you love

In the best case scenario, you will have the perfect residential move from start to finish and you will want to reward yourself after the actual move is complete. Fortunately, your post-move treat for the efforts and energy you invested in the house moving adventure does not automatically exclude the creation of a pre-move reward system to keep your motivation high throughout the ordeal.

Take a break from packing up your stuff and go catch a movie with a few good friends or have an entertaining evening at the bowling alley. Going to a music concert or a theater play is also a good way to recharge your depleted battery in order to have it last you until after the move is over. Having a romantic dinner with your special half at a fancy restaurant is another suggestion to keep things moving in the right direction.

Do something fun, do something you love and enjoy even though the house moving work is not yet done. After all, you should never say no to a proven way to release some of the built-up stress when moving home.

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5. Bring out the new home designer in you

Of course, the real fun is supposed to start after the move is over when you find yourself in your home and start to slowly but surely turn it into the cozy place you’ve always wanted. Once you have gotten rid of all the household items you won’t ever use again, residential moving proves to be a great chance to start anew, surrounded only by the belongings that you can’t do without.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to wait until Moving day is over to start designing or arranging your new house or apartment the way you like it. What to do before your movers arrive? Find time in your busy pre-move schedule to create a floor plan of your new home – a job that will be both extremely fun and exceptionally helpful.

For example, a good floor plan (How to create a floor plan?) will save you precious time because it will show where each large furniture piece and big household appliance will be positioned in advance. To make things even better, it’s the ultimate satisfaction to know that you played a major role in designing and arranging the interior of your new place.

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