What to do if you move into a haunted house

How to avoid moving into a haunted house
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Moving into your dream house can be a reason enough to jump for joy. It’s a big and spacious house with a huge yard – it’s true that the structure is rather old but its charm is hard to beat. You find yourself really excited to have bought such a special property… but it’s not until you move in that you realize just how “special” your new home is.

Moving day takes you to your new residence and it’s right there and then that strange things start to happen – unexplainable occurrences that can have only one “logical” explanation – you just moved into a haunted house.

Read on to learn how to know if your new home may happen to have unwanted guests from the world of spirits and ghosts, what to do when you move into a haunted house, and more importantly – how to avoid moving into a haunted house in the first place.

How to tell if your house is haunted

So you think there’s something seriously wrong with the new house you just bought, and your only reasonable conclusion is that the property may be haunted by a ghost who’s been trapped between the two worlds. And while numerous people have reported ghost sightings through the years, what are the chances of you moving into a haunted house?

Let’s take a closer look at what inexplicable phenomena might be happening inside your hew home.

  • Footsteps late at night. Everybody is familiar with the unmistakable sound of heavy footsteps on creaky floorboards. That particular sound can be really spooky and unnerving, especially in the middle of the night.
  • Dripping water. Speaking of sounds that could drive you mad, is there a more maddening sound than that of water dripping incessantly and faucets being turned on and off rhythmically?
  • Music playing. If you can hear one and the same (creepy) melody that keeps playing over and over again, presumably coming from the direction of the basement, then you would need all the courage in the world to go down there and investigate.
  • Lights flickering. To make it a real “treat” for your senses, your eyes should also be invited to the fun in your new property. It surely is a disturbing sign when the lights in the house turn on and off randomly, or start flickering without any obvious reason.
  • Shadows moving around. Catching ghost-like shadows with the corner of your eyes can be genuinely frightening but you shouldn’t panic. At least not yet.
  • Face-to-face encounters. Meeting an apparition face to face could be a reason enough to panic. Even though it’s extremely unlikely to happen to you, you just never know how serious the ghost’s intentions are until he or she chooses to let you know.

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There are other seemingly supernatural things that could be taking place in the property you just moved into – anything from persistent sounds that cannot be explained through reason to unnatural sightings that can easily freak you out.

And yet, you shouldn’t just stand there as a mere spectator of a fantastic show. It’s time to do something about it all.

What to do if you move into a haunted house

Knowing that a house might be haunted prior to purchasing and moving into it is the best thing you can do /see below/, but if it’s too late for that, then you still have good options to try to put an end to your out-of-this-world experience.

  • Find the logic. 9 out of 10 times there will be a logical explanation to the highly unusual things that continue to happen in your new home. Hearing steps may mean pests (contact a pest control service) or a hedgehog, for example, dripping water may be just a plumbing problem, while flickering lights may need to be fixed by an electrician.
  • Find the courage in you. Everybody knows that ghosts thrive on fear – the more afraid a person is, the bolder the spirit will get. So, summon up all the courage within yourself and show the intruder that you’re not afraid of unwelcomed, inconsiderate and most importantly – uninvited guests.
  • Get a helper. Dogs are men’s best friends for a reason. A dog can sense the presence of an evil spirit and can drive them away from a haunted house. If you own a dog, that’s great. If not, get one as a pet, preferably a large-sized breed like a loyal German shepherd.
  • Just listen. In most of the cases, a ghost will be desperately trying to communicate with the living (oftentimes through dreams) in order to tell them something. So, listen. The apparition in the house you just moved into may need your help with something – lingering spirits often need to fulfill one last task before they can rest in peace.
  • Hit the IGNORE button. All a spirit may want is to be acknowledged by the new house owners so once you show them that you know they are there, the spiritual form may choose to leave you be. Believe it or not, it’s actually possible to live in peace with a ghost.
  • Take action. If the spirit seems to be malicious and acts aggressively, then you just have to drive it away. Burn dried sage leaves. If that won’t help, then consider moving house, again.

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How to avoid moving into a haunted house

They say the prevention is the best cure, and they are quite right. If you’re still in the stage of looking for that dream of your house, then you’re luckier than you think – you can actually do something pro-active to avoid moving into a haunted house.

How not to move into a haunted house?

  • Do a Google search. You may be surprised how much relevant info you can find online nowadays. Type in the address of the house you’re reviewing and look for tell-tale signs that something could be wrong with the property. If nothing comes up, ask your real estate agent, again, to tell you the history of the house. Stay away from houses that had been crime scenes in the past.
  • Speak with the neighbors. What’s the best way not to buy a haunted house? It’s fairly simple – ask the neighbors what they think about that unique house you would like to own. Who will know best whether something is not quite right with the house if not the neighbors, right? Start with something simple, like, “Do you think that charming house down the road will be a good place to raise a family?” and listen attentively to what the folks next door have to say.

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