What’s the worst thing about moving house?

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Moving to a new home is a unique period in a person’s life, and no matter how you look at your own upcoming residential move, one thing is sure: strong mixed emotions will run higher than the clouds.

Now that you’re well familiar with the best things about moving house, you can breathe a sigh of relief that regardless of what happens during the actual relocation between the two homes, you will still have these 5 great house moving benefits that nobody can possibly take away from you.  But even if you consider yourself to be one of the world’s top optimists, you will find it more than challenging to ignore the usual batch of bad things that tend to accompany most residential moves.

The worst thing about moving to a new home is that there’s more than one worst thing. And that is seriously bad, isn’t it?

We’ll cover briefly the top 5 reasons why moving house can be the worst experience you’ll have in a long, long time. Of course, you can always choose to do something about it and turn it all into a fairly positive/neutral adventure with plenty of good lessons to take home as well.

#1. You’ll have to endure high levels of stress

What does it mean when you dream about moving house? It may actually mean one of two things: either stress-induced nightmares are just around the corner or the best advice about moving house will come from a garden snail – after all, snails are the greatest moving experts on the planet, for they move their houses all the time, remember?

Often coined as one of the most stressful events in life, the entire moving process is nothing but the ultimate test of how much stress your nervous system can handle before crashing down with a monstrous nervous breakdown. But wait a minute, what makes moving so stressful?

Okay, to get a quick idea, here’s only a handful of house moving stressors that you will meet along the way:

  • Money. Sure, money isn’t everything, but will you have enough dollar bills to cover the moving expenses? And if not, what will you do? How much does it cost to hire movers?
  • Time. Having little time until the move-out date can stress you like there’s no tomorrow. How can you win more time? Or better – how can you stop time altogether?
  • Stuff. What will you do with all that stuff you’ve amassed through the years? The thought alone of having to sort it all out and pack it safely in cardboard boxes gives the chills.

Solution #1: How to reduce stress when moving house

#2. You’ll have to break your piggy bank

Okay, you may not need to really break the bank but you should at least get mentally ready to break your piggy bank by resorting to your precious savings. Needless to say, one of the nightmares about moving house is the loads of banknotes you’ll be forced to shell out to cover the unavoidable moving costs.

Just picture these two average moving costs in your head: $2,300 (intrastate moving) and $4,300 (interstate moving), and you’ll understand why most people cringe in terror when they hear the words moving and home used in one and the same sentence.

Not knowing how much your move will cost you in the end (roughly speaking, of course), can be rather stressful due to the possibility that you may not have saved enough money to bring the relocation to a successful conclusion. On the other hand, knowing the approximate cost of your house move could stress you out even more, but at least you’ll be then able to weigh in your options and come up with decisions and solutions that will actually work for you, not against you.

Solution #2: How to save money when moving /10 cost-saving tips/

#.3 You’ll have to say your tearful goodbyes

Some bad things can happen to you during the move – your movers may be late, some of the furniture may not fit through a door or a corridor, the property you’re leaving could get some minor damage on Moving day, and you could even find some of your items broken or, worse – missing after the move is complete.

Yes, any of these move-related mishaps will likely ruin your day but one of the worst things nobody tells you about moving home is having to leave good friends and loyal family behind. In reality, saying goodbye to the people you love and care about can be the hardest and saddest thing you’ll have to get through during one of life’s most transitional periods. Tearful promises to keep in touch after you move out will not make it any easier for you either.

To make things worse, you may have gotten so attached to the house or apartment you’ve been living until now, that the thought of having to part with the home you’ve come to love may easily leave you feeling depressed and miserable.

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#4. You’ll have to take care of your belongings

It’s you who are moving to a new home, together with the loved ones you share your life with – partner, child or children, pets. That fact alone will definitely get you rather worried about their safety. Don’t forget, not even for a minute, that SAFETY is the number one priority during the process of moving from one home to another.

And, as if that weren’t enough, you will also have to take your household items and personal items with you as well. And that is already a good reason for a splitting headache. You realize how much useless stuff you have in your home, and you also know that moving all of it will be extremely expensive, so you’d better find time and energy for sorting your possessions and getting rid of the things you won’t ever need again.

And things never fail to get really interesting when it’s time to start packing your home for a move – do you even have proper packing materials to initiate the packing marathon in the first place? Will the packing supplies you do have be enough to get the job done?  Splitting headaches are not far away.

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#5. You’ll have to adapt to a new environment

Regrettably, the worst thing about moving to a new home can manifest itself when the actual move is complete. You survive a problem-free household move, most often assisted by a top-rated moving company, and while you’re still wondering where to begin the unpacking process, suddenly you feel like something is not quite right – you get this peculiar feeling that you just don’t belong there.

Of all the reasons why moving is so bad, the brave leap out of your comfort zone is the thing that could hurt you the most. You just left good friends behind, you may have left dear family members behind, and you just left all the soothing familiarity behind, including the home you’ve lived until recently – how are you supposed to make sense of it all now?

Give yourself enough time to adapt to the new environment as painlessly as possible – rushing things or pushing yourself will only make things worse. New home, new city, new friends – the road ahead of you will be long but it’s up to you to turn it into an unforgettable adventure.

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