How to stay in a good mood when moving house

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A house move can easily prove to be a period when different types of strong emotions tend to blend in together to form a dangerously unstable concoction. It’s never easy to up and move family members and household items to another home in another part of the country – if it were too simple, then moving house wouldn’t be repeatedly regarded as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.

Expect to experience mixed emotions during the process of moving to a new home – from excitement about the new life ahead of you, through the common fears of moving, all the way to sadness about what, and more importantly, who you had to leave behind.

Still, a residential move doesn’t have to be stressful, or sad, or even that emotional in the first place. Most of the times, it’s up to you to decide how you will perceive the entire relocation process – if you make up your mind to stay in a good mood when moving house, then you’ll go through a positive overall experience that’ll leave you pretty optimistic about the future.

Read on to learn how to stay in good spirits when moving to another home. /Hint: don’t lose your sense of humor either!/ The moment your move becomes simply a matter of time, the time will start tick-tocking towards Moving day with no mercy. Would you rather maintain relatively high spirits until that fateful day arrives, or would you prefer to be wallowing in grumpy bursts of bad mood?

Choose to stay optimistic

If you keep viewing the upcoming household move as something rather negative, then maybe it’s time to change your viewpoint. It’s all in your head, really – why focus on the negative when you can make a list of all the great things that are about to be introduced into your life.

Moving to another home is a great chance to leave behind all the bad stuff too – bad memories, bad habits, and negative thoughts. Moving to a new city is a great opportunity for a fresh start with practical lessons learned from previous mistakes.

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Transfer the heavy load to movers

In most cases, it’s the overwhelming thought of having to take care of scores and scores of move-related tasks that will quickly spoil the fun, if there was ever fun at all. You don’t even know how to disassemble your large furniture, let alone pack, carry and load those bulky and heavyweight pieces into a moving truck.

Your informed decision to let a professional moving company help you out with the toughest aspects of the move will reduce the stress of having to organize and execute everything by yourself. Once you know that things will be handled by trusted professionals, it won’t be long before your good mood returns with a vengeance.

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Start your preparations early

The accumulation of moving stress is one of the reasons why you won’t be able to relax until you reach your destination, and the build-up of such pressurized anxiety is often the result of insufficient time to complete whatever needs to be done before the date of the move.

Start working on your personal moving checklist as soon as you can so that you can be sure that you won’t fall behind schedule. This piece of pre-move advice is especially true for the laborious and time-consuming job of packing up a house for a move. Efficient organization will help you stay on top of things, and whenever you find yourself in control of your moving preparation, then your good mood might decide to pay you a visit once again.

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Spend time with your friends

Without a doubt, the best way to stay in a good mood when moving house is to find time to have fun with your good friends while your things are being packed by professional packers and movers, for example. Or, if you’ve managed to progress significantly with the packing schedule, then isn’t it time for you to go for a long walk in the park with your pals or go see the latest blockbuster in the movie theater?

Sure, moving house is a serious business but that fact doesn’t mean that you can’t have a break from all the move-related work that’s waiting for you in your current home. Make sure you surround yourself with people who won’t bring you down with their negative and depressing views on major changes in life, and, against all odds, you even have a real chance of keeping your sense of humor when moving house.

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Follow major moving day rules

The long-awaited Moving day is the period when it’s almost impossible to keep your good mood due to the crazy whirlwind of activities. The fact that the Big day is the usual center stage for common moving mistakes won’t help you very much either.

Nobody expects you to be laughing out loud on your move-out day (well, why not?), but you can still keep the smile on your face if you care enough to observe the following moving day rules:

  • Getting a better idea of how moving day works will help you stay calm simply because you will know what to expect and you will be ready for whatever’s next in line.
  • Avoiding the most common moving day mistakes will keep trouble away from your doorstep – a rare feat that could lead to a semi-forced smile during the most unpredictable period during a household move.
  • Use various proven techniques to reduce moving day stress as stressors are usually abundant on that move-out and move-in period.
  • Moving day safety is paramount for the success of your residential move – one wrong step could lead to a personal injury that in turn would easily put a damper on your day. Property damage is also something you want to avoid at all costs in order to stay calm on moving day.

Oh, and remember to have a good night’s sleep the day before the Big day in order to have the mental and physical stamina to even attempt to smile.

Reward yourself for a job well done

To find yourself in your new home without any major move-related problems along the way is a reason enough to celebrate. Hopefully, you’ll be still in a fairly good mood because of the success of the entire house moving operation. And if that’s true, is there a reason why you shouldn’t reward yourself for the great job that you just did?

Unpacking and all the other urgent post-relocation tasks can wait a bit longer until you feel that you’ve taken a deserving break and have treated yourself to something nice before having to get your life back on track. And should you ever need good ideas about how to reward yourself after a move, here are a few pointers to nudge you in the right direction.

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