How to reward yourself after a move

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If you just moved into a new home without any major accidents or problems along the way, then congratulations are in order. It’ll probably be a few days before you fully realize the significance of what just happened, including your great achievement of organizing a residential move from start to finish.

The fact that you played a major role in making that house move a reality deserves to be first acknowledged, and then the genuine efforts that you invested during one of life’s most stressful events deserve to be rewarded.

To be rewarded for a job well done sounds really nice, doesn’t it? Here are several good ways to reward yourself after a move by reaching out to the immediate post-relocation needs of your weary body and troubled mind.

Take a deserving break

It’s important to remember that there will always be essential things to do after moving into a new home. And while those tasks are waiting to be completed by nobody else but you, not slowing down the inertia from the recent moving day could be dangerous. Your body and mind will desperately need some downtime after an energy-draining household move, so you need to decelerate your pace in order to put together your thoughts and think of a good post-move plan that will actually work well under the newly-introduced changes.

It’s not easy to just stop for a while to catch your breath when you’ve been crazy busy for the last few weeks or so prior to Moving day. And it’s never easy to think about resting for a little bit when you know there’s still so much work to do until you can settle for real in your new home. No, it’s not too simple to just try to relax among mountains of unpacked boxes and a full post-move checklist, but it’s something you should really consider doing for your own sake.

Reward yourself some relaxation time shortly after the house move – you will thank yourself later. The good news is that unpacking won’t go away, and the better news is that you don’t have to complete the unpacking job right away – unpack your stuff over a period of time in logical unpacking stages that will actually make sense for you.

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Do something fun in your new home

Once you make up your mind to take a short break to clear your mind of all move-related matters, it’s time to decide just how you’re going to treat yourself after the move so that you recharge your batteries faster. Taking off one full day, or maybe even a couple of days off in case you can afford the luxury, will enable you to recover physically and emotionally before having to finish off what you started.

One of the choices before you is to spend that low-key time at home surrounded by the people closest to you – the only prerequisite is that you must try to have as much fun as you possibly can.

Speaking of fun indoor activities, here are a few simple ideas you are encouraged to steal and use yourself:

  • Sleep in. If you arrive in your new home fairly late, your only thoughts will be to take a hot shower and go straight to bed. Ideally, the real reward will come the next day when you can sleep in as much as you want.
  • Order food. How to reward yourself after a move? Having survived an exhausting day, the last thing you’d want is to unpack your kitchen utensils and get down to cooking. You do deserve to treat yourself to delicious food delivered straight to your door, don’t you?
  • Play games. Playing games is an excellent way to unwind after a stressful event. And no matter what type of games you select to reward yourself for reaching a goal – video games, board games, card games, etc., the main idea is to have fun with the people you love and clear your mind of any troublesome thoughts whatsoever.
  • Read a book. Few activities recharge drained batteries faster than staying in bed for hours and hours with a good book in your hands. And the sweet idea that you actually deserve that ultimate relaxation routine will make the break even more satisfying in the end.

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Do something fun outside your new home

While wondering how to create a reward system for yourself, you may quickly reach the conclusion that it’s not the greatest of ideas to spend the very first day after the move among freshly-delivered cardboard boxes. Break free from the tons of work that’s waiting for you in your new house or apartment, and step outside for a relaxing and refreshing breath of air.

  • Organize an exploration trip. Find out what makes your new town or city unique and spend one full day exploring its charms. Reward yourself with a long walk around your new place unless you’re too tired for such energy-demanding efforts to begin with.
  • Go see a show. If you’re not in the mood to stay inside a strange home and you feel like doing something really entertaining, then your best bet is to go see a show – a movie, an opera performance, a theater play, or a musical concert. If you’re a sports fan, then an exciting sporting event will charge with you a great amount of unpacking energy in no time.
  • Eat out. The toughest part of your moving adventure is now over, so it’s time to celebrate that fact with a pleasant dinner at a nice restaurant. In reality, eating out is an excellent way to relax and spend some quality time with the people you love.
  • Schedule a massage. The very first day after moving into a new home is the perfect moment to pamper yourself a little bit since you already have a good reason to do so. Booking a relaxing massage or an energizing spa or beauty treatment sounds like a good way to recover from the hardships of a house move.

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Buy something special for yourself

To celebrate the relocation success in style, one of the best ways to reward yourself after a move is to buy yourself something special. The truth is that many people who have been stressed out for some time prefer to quickly forget that stress-filled period either by undergoing a shopping therapy or by purchasing something that they have wanted to own for a long time. And that tactic may just work great for you too.

It may be too early for you to go on a shopping spree in a strange and unfamiliar place (or maybe not?), but what about gifting yourself something special that’s been on your mind for months now? What will it be – an electronic gadget, a piece of jewelry, a wrist watch, a new bicycle, designer clothes, or something fancy for the new home? Either way, it should feel super nice to reward yourself for doing something significant, like successfully organizing and executing a house move.

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