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If your upcoming household move is not suited for brave self-moving attempts due to the great move distance, unavailability of reliable friends, or presence of too many specialty items for packing and moving, then the sensible thing to do under the presented circumstances is to research the best moving companies near you and choose the mover that’ll be the right one for you.

And, having selected one of the top-rated moving companies out there, then sooner or later you’ll find yourself wondering how to thank your movers simply because they are supposed to have offered great moving services.

How do you show your appreciation for an excellent moving service? How do you reward the efforts and dedication of moving experts who have clearly shown a good deal of professionalism when working to make your residential move as smooth as possible?

Hopefully, soon enough you’ll be searching for the best ways to thank your movers, not the proper ways to file a complaint against a moving company. Learn how to thank movers and packers in a few simple steps.

Contribute to moving day safety

There are several indirect ways you can thank someone for helping you move, even if those people are professionals who will charge you for the relocation services in the end. The first thing you can do is to do your part towards ensuring moving day safety. In fact, safety is an important prerequisite that will benefit all participants in the move.

Clear all pathways of any type of obstructions or debris to begin with. If you’re moving out during the cold months of the year, make sure there is neither snow nor ice on the pathways that your professional helpers will use to transport your belongings from your home to the moving vehicle. If you’re moving in the summer, excessive dust, water or mud should not be present on the areas that will get the heaviest traffic.

Small children and pets should stay as far away from the packing and moving epicenter as possible. Moving day is not the ideal time to have small feet running all around the house or apartment when large furniture, heavy appliances and scores of filled-up cardboard boxes are being carried around.

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Respect your movers’ needs

Another fairly indirect way to show your appreciation towards your professional movers is to respect their needs. Do this by

  • offering them bottled water, coffee, tea, and other non-alcoholic beverages;
  • providing easy access to a bathroom equipped with liquid soap and disposable paper towels;
  • offering to buy your movers lunch if the moving job can’t seem to be finished in a few hours’ time;

It’s good to remember that your hired workers are not robots, and as a result, their energy will drop as time progresses. By providing snacks and refreshments to your movers, you’re also doing yourself a favor because their energy level will be kept relatively high and the overall job should be finished faster.

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Be there for your movers

Another way to show your non-direct appreciation towards the top-rated movers you have hired is to make yourself available on Moving day in case any questions, issues, confusing situations, or misunderstandings arise. If you can’t be present on the Big day to greet your moving crew in person, show them around and just be available for them, then you should appoint a person who can substitute for you in the best possible way.

One thing is clear – your movers will be much more experienced in all move-related matters than you. Therefore, your best course of action is to keep an eye on their work without standing in their way unless you really have to interfere. Also, keep the communication channel open so that everything goes according to plan.

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Praise you movers’ work

If you’re really happy with the way your hired professionals handle the move, it’s only normal that you will want to thank your movers properly. If your moving crew

  • arrived on time,
  • were friendly and respectful,
  • acted professionally from start to finish,
  • treated your possessions with care,
  • did what was necessary to prevent property damage,
  • did their respective jobs quickly and efficiently,

then thanking your movers and packers is in order.

A bit more direct method of showing your workers that you’re quite satisfied with their work is to thank them by saying out loud Thank you – addressed to each person or to the entire group. Keep in mind that praising the outstanding service of a service provider is an important way to provide valuable feedback.

However, time proves that good professional movers tend to get used to being thanked verbally so they usually keep an eye out for the other more pragmatic way of being rewarded for a job well done.

Tip your movers

Remember that you’re not required to tip movers in any way, and if they did a poor job protecting or handling your prized possessions, then you shouldn’t do it at all. However, if you feel like the professionals you have hired really did a good job, then the best way to reward your movers is to tip them. Sure, they will appreciate your efforts in being a good host and will be glad to be praised for what they did, but few things say Thanks! better than cash.

How much to tip movers? Well, the answer to that mind-boggling question is never straightforward. The best tipping advice you can ever get is to use your judgment under the unique circumstances surrounding your household move. The second best tipping advice you should take is to take advantage of a good universal tipping formula that works both for local and cross country moves:

Tipping formula: tip movers roughly $4-$5/hour per mover, or around $40/day per mover.

Of course, feel free to tip movers more in cases of outstanding relocation services or in cases of exceptionally tough moving conditions. Also, forget about handing the foreman the entire tipping money – instead, always give the cash tips to each worker individually.

Leave a positive moving company review

Leave any thoughtful thank-you-for-helping-me-move gifts for close friends as tipping professional movers is a standard way of showing your satisfaction with their services. Writing thanks-for-helping-me-move cards for your hired pros is not the best of ideas either – if you feel like your mover deserve a bit more, then you’d better follow the tipping gesture with writing a customer review about their praiseworthy service and the company they work for in general.

In some cases, finding 10 minutes of your time to leave a positive customer review can prove to be better for them in the long run, for that will help them keep their jobs in the future. If you care to mention the names of the moving experts you’re most pleased with, then that’ll definitely be an excellent way to thank your movers for their professionalism and hard work.

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