What’s the single best advice when moving house?

The best advice when moving house
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At times, the period of moving from one home to another can be rather confusing, especially if you’ve never had to move house before. The moving process itself can be a bit complicated to organize and execute, especially if you’re moving on a limited budget and within a narrow window of time. And to make things worse, first-time movers often feel the blunt force of a wide range of moving fears.

For a faster, easier and cheaper household move, people often resort to consulting with quick packing tips and budget moving tips that are supposed to really help them pack up their homes and move their belongings in the best possible ways. And you should too!

Regrettably, the staggering amount of moving tips you will quickly find on the Internet or receive from friends and acquaintances may be even more baffling and discouraging for you. After all, how do you possibly single out the best moving tips that will actually work for you?

Our exclusive and hand-picked collection of top moving tips is definitely a good place to start, but we’ll take things a step further and give you the only piece of advice you’ll ever need when moving from one home to another:


Is that it? Is that the best moving advice we can offer?

Yes, that’s it: use your common sense to make sense of it all.

Use your common sense to save money

Moving house is a time when the scores of move-related tasks need to be carefully arranged, assessed, and more importantly – prioritized. And speaking of prioritization, isn’t your common sense telling you that the most important task when moving to another home is to try and save as much money as you possibly can?

  • It’s common knowledge that the more household items you have for moving, the more you will pay for their transportation. This fact is directly connected to the total shipment weight. So, be smart and reduce the number of the things you’re taking with you to their absolute minimum. /How to get rid of things when moving/
  • It’s easy to figure out that no two professional moving companies charge the same for the same service. So, be smart and choose a mover that is affordable and still offers quality moving services. “It’s easier said than done!”, you may say, but cheap movers are just around the corner – you just need to know what steps to take to find them. /How to find cheap movers near me?/
  • Any cheap moving tips that are proven to work? Common sense dictates that the more services you request from your moving company, the more money you will pay out of your own pocket. Think long and hard about what you can and can’t do on your own. For example, packing some of your things by yourself, or even all of them in case you don’t own any specialty items will enable you to save loads of money. /What items not to pack myself when moving?/

Find more information: Top 10 moving tips for saving money

Use your common sense when packing up your home

That’s right – to pack up most or even all of your things by yourself is definitely one of the best house moving advice you can ever get. But still, it comes down to getting familiar with and actually using some great packing tips and tricks to make things easier for yourself.

  • Why should you pay for costly packing supplies when you can get most of them for free? After all, it should be a good feeling to know you’re saving up some valuable money as you’re boxing up your things on your own. To get moving boxes for free, ask friends or neighbors if they can spare some or visit local businesses that are required to recycle cardboard boxes at the end of the day. Also, one careful look around your home will get you plenty of packing, padding and filling materials you didn’t even suspect you had. /What packing materials for moving do I already own?/
  • Everybody wants to know quick packing tips, and here’s one: start early, really early. Don’t be surprised to learn that the earlier you initiate the most time-consuming job in anyone’s moving calendar, the better the chance is that you’ll manage to finish that arduous task on time. This is common sense in its purest form, isn’t it? /When to start packing for a move?/
  • Okay, you do understand that you need to start packing as early as you possibly can, but… what to pack first when moving house? Solid logic says that you are expected to first box up all the items found in your storage areas, followed by the ones in your spare rooms, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and finally – the bathroom. /What are the golden rules of packing for a move?/

Use your common sense to guarantee moving day safety

If you can afford to hire full-service movers, don’t hesitate to do it as they know perfectly well how to guarantee the safety of anyone who’s involved in the move and the well-being of all your prized possessions. If you can’t, then you must make sure moving day safety is your top priority no matter what happens.

Besides the best piece of moving advice to ever to walk the earth (the one about using your common sense, remember?), the second best moving tip is:

Never turn your back on safety!

  • Don’t forget to use your common sense when moving heavy furniture as well. The top 3 furniture moving tips are: 1) If possible, disassemble your large and heavy furniture pieces, 2) use furniture sliders under their legs to slide them safely across the room and a furniture dolly to take the furniture out of your home and load it problem-free onto the moving truck, 3) hire professional furniture movers if things are starting to look plain dangerous. /How to move heavy furniture by myself?/
  • Don’t make your packed boxes heavier than the reasonable limit of 40 pounds.
  • Make sure all pathways are clear of any obstacles and there is no water, snow, ice, or mud along those exit routes.
  • Whenever applicable, keep your children and pets away from the packing and moving madness come Moving day. This common sense safety tip goes without saying but it just needs to be emphasized.
  • Always think at least 2 steps ahead and never rush things without having formed a good plan of action in your head. This is one of those important moving tips that should be kept in mind throughout the house move.
  • Dress properly for the occasion – closed shoes with good traction and feet protection + comfortable clothes that won’t restrict your movements. /What should I wear on Moving day?/

And last but surely not least, check your relocation calendar – have you already fallen behind your own moving and packing timeline? If yes, then it makes all sense in the world to seek help from professional packers and movers.

It’s common sense, right?

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