How to move a sofa by yourself

How to move a sofa by yourself
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Moving house is usually a crazy-busy period when you may get rewarded for being brave enough to complete some or even all of the tough tasks without professionals to help you out. However, there’s often a fine line between being brave and being reckless, especially when it comes to packing and moving large and heavy furniture pieces such as your sofa, for example.

The best way to move a sofa is to hire experienced furniture movers, of course, but if you have other plans in your head, then you should definitely be familiar with some essential tips for moving a sofa in the safest way possible.

So, how to move a sofa by yourself? Read on and see for yourself.

What to consider before moving a sofa by yourself

Our tips for moving a sofa bed start with a fairly simple task that you must do at all costs before the day of the move arrives – initial evaluation. The purpose of that preliminary assessment is to help you decide if it makes sense to transport your sofa to your new home in the first place. Just think about whether the time you will lose to pack up and move your large furniture piece, the cost to move the sofa between the two homes and the laborious efforts from you and the non-professional helpers you manage to summon up will be justifiable.

Basically, you need to know if the hassle of moving a sofa alone – without professional furniture movers – will be worth it. To reach the right decision before it’s too late, take into consideration the following 3 points:

  • Sentimental value. If your couch is a keeper of wonderful stories and you need it as a reminder of those dear memories, then you should strongly consider moving it safely to the new address.
  • Monetary value. Just how expensive is your sofa? Is it a standard on-sale piece of furniture or is it an antique sofa that’s worth a fortune?
  • Current condition. If you couch is too old, or too worn out, or nearly broken, then the price you’ll pay for moving it may easily be more or equal to the price of purchasing a brand new sofa upon arrival in your new house or apartment.

Should you reach the conclusion that your large piece of furniture is not really worth moving between the two homes, then you still have a few good options: gift it to friends or family, donate it, or try to sell it to help out your budget.

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What to do before packing and moving a sofa

To move heavy furniture without professional assistance can be rather risky but it could actually pay off in the end provided that your brave decision does not end with any personal injuries or property damage. One of your top priorities when moving a sofa is to guarantee the safety of the entire self-moving operation – once you’ve taken the necessary safety measures, things will surely become much easier and safer for you.

  • Get the right equipment. One of the reasons why professional movers are so efficient is because they use the proper moving equipment – that fact alone helps them to work faster without compromising the established level of safety. Get yourself a furniture dolly too so that you can move your sofa like a pro! Rent one from a local moving company or make a long-term investment by purchasing one. Read on to learn how to move a sofa with a dolly.
  • Get furniture sliders. Furniture sliders are simple pieces of plastic and hard rubber that, when put underneath the legs of a couch, will minimize the friction between the furniture piece and the floor – hardwood or carpeted floors alike. With such sliders, you’ll soon find out that sliding /push, don’t pull) your sofa across the room floor is as easy as saying your own name.
  • Get enough manpower. This part in your preparation is crucial because if you fail to gather up a few good friends to help you lift, carry and load your sofa into the waiting moving vehicle, and then assist you in unloading your furniture and taking it inside your new home, then you may as well consider dropping the entire moving-a-sofa-by-yourself idea. The thing is that you just can’t carry that heavy burden on your own.
  • Get proper packing materials. Below you can find more information about how to protect a sofa when moving, but before you can actually use those sofa packing tips, you will definitely need the right packing materials. Make sure you have enough moving blankets (aka furniture blankets) – you can buy them from your local movers. One roll of bubble wrap and one roll of stretch wrap will also come in very handy, as will packing tape and a few cardboard sheets taken directly from a couple of moving boxes.

How to pack a sofa for moving

Before you can actually take your large furniture piece out of your home, you will definitely need to safeguard it throughout the moving process. Follow the steps below to pack a sofa when moving house:

  • Disassemble your sofa. Do consider removing any elements that can be taken apart from your couch to make things easier on yourself and safer for your furniture. Unless you’ve double-checked through appropriate measuring that your sofa is compact enough to fit through all doorways and hallways along the way out, remove the legs of your furniture piece, as well as other detachable parts such as armrests, cushions, and so on. Keep all screws and fastening elements you’ve removed in a safe place. Get assistance from a friend if you’re not sure how to take apart a sofa for moving.
  • Protect your sofa. It’s important to know how to protect a sofa when moving as it basically comes down to how well you pack it up on one hand, and then how safely you transport it and load it into the moving van. The best way to wrap a sofa for moving? Use packing paper and furniture blankets to wrap all the elements you just removed from your sofa. Use bubble wrap to protect any protruding parts that still remain. Tape pieces of cardboard to the corners of your sofa. Wrap the entire length of the furniture piece in blankets and tape them in place. Finally, use plenty of shrink wrap as a final protective layer.

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How to move a sofa with a dolly

The easiest way to move a sofa is to use a 4-wheel furniture dolly to transport the large and heavy piece to the moving truck. The good news is that the rubber wheels of the dolly are floor-friendly and the entire weight of the couch will be successfully transferred to the moving equipment itself.

  • Step 1. Get the dolly as close to the sofa as you can.
  • Step 2. With the help of your friends, lift the heavy piece off the floor and place it in the very center of the wheeled moving equipment.
  • Step 3. Secure the heavy sofa in place by using pieces of rope or moving straps. Nevertheless, have at least two pair of hands to keep it steady at all times.
  • Step 4. Start pushing slowly (Haste makes waste!) the secured furniture piece out of the room first, and then out of your home. Be extremely careful when getting it through narrow doors and corridors.
  • Step 5. You can’t really use a 4-wheel dolly to go up or down the stairs with huge and heavyweight furniture strapped onto it. Use an elevator whenever possible or contact professional furniture movers if your exit route does involve multiple steps.
  • Step 6. Once you load your couch using the loading ramp of your moving vehicle, strap it or rope to the side of the van to eliminate any possibility of it moving during the relocation trip, especially if it’s expected to be a long one.

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