What’s the cheapest way to move cross country?

What is the cheapest way to move house?
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You’ll often hear that moving house tends to put a lot of stress and anxiety to the persons involved in the relocation process. In fact, you may have even heard that a residential move is believed to be one of the most stressful events in life.

But while nobody can deny the truth in the statement above – moving indeed can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience – it’s the financial side of the whole affair that can play a major role in either putting additional pressure on the home movers or in finding good ways to vent off some accumulated steam.

Naturally, one of the cheapest ways to move long distance is to hire the services of an affordable cross country mover. And there’s a reason why this tactical move is usually the first thought of anyone who’s planning to move to another part of the country – it works really well in most cases.

Luckily, hiring inexpensive cross country movers is not the only solution to moving cheaply across country. Read on to learn excellent frugal moving tips to save money when moving to a new home hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Choose cheap movers (cheap as in inexpensive)

Hiring an inexpensive moving company is a proven method of completing your house move for less money, but finding cheap movers that also offer a reliable relocation service is definitely not easy.

Different cross country movers offer different terms, conditions, and most importantly – different tariffs. (How much do cross country movers cost?) In other words, not all moving companies charge the same and you may get surprised by the distinctions in the price quotes you receive even when your moving situation remains unchanged when it comes to items for transportation, distance to the new home, desired move-out date, and so on.

There are a few must-do steps to finding cheap movers around you that will take care of your move for less money than their competitors (after all, why pay more when you can pay less, right?). Asking friends for recommendations, reading genuine moving reviews, and checking the legal status will really help you narrow down your choices but the real deal is requesting accurate in-home estimates and comparing those quotes as carefully as you possibly can.

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Move less stuff, win big prizes

You may already be aware of some decent cheap moving ideas, tips and tricks to make your upcoming household move more affordable, and whether they will work out or not remains to be seen. However, what you really need to know is that absolutely the cheapest ways to move household goods is to move only the ones you intend to use in the foreseeable future.

It’s important to know that the total weight of your shipment will affect drastically the final relocation price. It’s simple, really – the heavier your stuff is, the more you will pay. So, so the cheapest way to move your stuff across country is to

  • make a moving inventory of your entire home;
  • sort out of your belongings and make up your mind what you’re taking with you and what you’re leaving behind;
  • get rid of all the items you’ve decided not to move;
  • move house cheaply.

Don’t pay for packing materials

Packing supplies can quickly add up to the final bill and make your move costlier than it is necessary. When you look at the price of an individual cardboard box you won’t automatically perceive it as too much, but add tens and tens of boxes of different sizes and all of a sudden you have a total sum you won’t be too eager to pay.

The solution? Fortunately, there are 3 distinct ways to make your move much cheaper as far as packing materials are concerned:

  • The fewer items you choose to move with you, the fewer moving boxes and other packaging materials you will need for their safe packing. Make sure you take only what’s really necessary for the life in your new home.

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  • You can minimize drastically the biggest expense when packing up your home – the packing boxes. How? There are several excellent ways to get your hands on good cardboard boxes without paying anything in return. Or if you do end up paying for the boxes, the sum will be too little compared to the prospect of purchasing them brand new. In short, the cheapest way to get moving boxes is to get them for free.

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  • You may not realize it but your home is full of alternative packing materials which, if used wisely, will save you plenty of money. The idea of using the large variety of moving containers, as well as wrapping and cushioning materials found in most homes is one of the least known and most effective money saving tips when moving cross country.

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Pack it all by yourself (or at least try)

Moving long distance is never suited for even the boldest of DIY moves so you’re going to have to find a good cross country mover. Top rated moving companies offer a score of moving services (see the full list of additional moving services), including packing and/or unpacking whenever a customer may request that extra service.

Now, unless you own specialty items that require extraordinary packing and handling /antique furniture pieces, pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, etc./, and unless you are completely out of time, you will save a lot of money if you do that packing yourself. It’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s true that packing up an entire home is surely the most time consuming task in your personal moving calendar, but as long as you have ample time until Moving day, you can definitely do it on your own – move cheaply by packing by yourself.

IMPORTANT: Take advantage of the best packing tips out there. Period.

So, what is the cheapest way to move house? It’s a combination of several frugal moving tips that, when put together, will save you hundreds of dollars. Not bad, right?

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