How to tell my parents I’m moving out?

How should tell my parents I'm moving out
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It must feel good to move out of your parents’ home, get your long-awaited independence, and become the master of your own fate. In an ideal world, you would just pack up your stuff, say goodbye to your mom and dad, walk out the front door, and, certain of the rightness of your brave decision, walk into a brand new chapter in your life.

Sadly, our world is far from being perfect, and if you’re currently looking for advice on how to tell your mom and dad that you’re moving out (especially if your parents are overprotective and/or conservative), then you must be pretty nervous about confronting your folks with this important piece of news.

The truth is that you can’t just blurt out to your folks that you’re packing and moving out without having a good strategy about how to break the news. It’s not only impolite, inconsiderate and hurtful to do it that way, but it could put a serious dent in your child-parents relationship.

Don’t burn your bridges! Instead, use those very bridges to get from where you are to where you want to be with strong determination ahead of you and guaranteed family support behind your back.

Quit asking yourself, “How do I tell my parents I’m moving out?”, and read on to be able to prepare a flawless plan of action.

What to know before telling your parents you’re moving out

It’s important to find the perfect timing and right approach to announce to your folks that you plan to move out soon. You don’t want to upset your parents or set them against your decision – after all, you may come to need their help, either financial or material.

Also, you may really need their moral support in your endeavors and their blessing to get that sense of closure you may be after. By having your parents by your side during that tough transitional period, you will be able to grasp the idea that one chapter in your life is about to close, and another one to open.

Be mentally ready to move out

Make sure you are absolutely certain that moving out of your parents’ home is the right thing to do. There shouldn’t be a single shadow of a doubt! If you haven’t thought things through, do it before you decide to break the news. You need be sure that the right time to move out has come – usually it’s something you should feel deep inside you.

The major reasons to want to move out can vary greatly, from going to another city in another state to study, through finding a great employment opportunity in another part of the country to wanting to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Or maybe it’s just the right time to follow your own path in life by getting your freedom and independence first.

Must readHow to move out of my parents’ house?

Be financially ready to move out

Make sure that moving out of your parents’ house is something you can afford. To have enough money to cover the moving costs is not enough – you should have saved up more in order to be able to cover the immediate post relocation expenses until you get a steady income and the subsequent financial stability.

Regrettably, if you end up having to move back with your parents soon after you’ve moved out, the aftermath of your poor judgment could make things worse and deteriorate the relationship with your folks.

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Convince yourself to convince others

Before you make up your mind to tell your parents that you’re moving out, there’s one thing you should do so that your decision to leave the nest won’t fall flat like a hockey puck.

You will need to first convince yourself that it’s what you really want and need, so that you can later convince your parents that the timing is just right for you to move out and follow your own destiny their constant guidance and assistance. Things will become much easier once you know exactly what you want.

Prepare a good plan of action

Before you choose how to tell your parents you’re moving out of state, prepare a foolproof plan of action. Have you saved up enough to move out? Have you found a good and safe place to live? Have you secured a steady income after the relocation? Have you booked a top-rated cross country mover yet?

Once you manage to convince your parents that 1) moving away is what you really want, and 2) you are 100% ready for the challenge ahead, then you should definitely win their blessing and support.

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How to tell your parents you’re moving across country

We can offer a few more pieces of advice to help you lessen your worries or even fear of telling your mom and dad that you’re moving out of the house. Some of these tips may work really well for you while others simply won’t. Still, you’ve known your parents all your life so you should be able to quickly identify and use the best advice for you.

  • It may be easier and much less intimidating to inform your parents that you’re moving out after you’ve told your friends and siblings. This way, you’ll be able to discuss the issue in detail and realize the strengths and weaknesses of your plan before you face the potential judgment and disapproval of your parents.
  • If you’re much closer to one of your parents, it makes sense to tell that parent first of your intention. This way, you can get a better feel of the impact of your decision, plus you can seek advice from your mom or dad on how to break the news to the other parent.
  • When to tell your parents that you’re moving out? The timing can be crucial. As a rule of thumb, you should inform your parents of your plans as early as possible so that you have enough time to say your goodbyes and work out potential hard feelings.
  • Sometimes it’s good to provide your mom and dad with a bit of time and space to get used to the idea. If possible, don’t force things but stay patient until you feel it’s a good time to discuss again your upcoming move.
  • It’s possible that things get rough between you and your parents as parent-child relationships are often more complicated than necessary. Whatever the outcome, do try to see things through your parents’ eyes by pretending you were in their position. Even if things don’t go well, tell your parents that you love them and that you’d do your best to keep in touch.

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