How to say goodbye to a home when moving?

How to say goodbye to your family home
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The highly transitional period of moving house can easily turn into an emotional roller coaster for you way before the arrival of your movers. Moving away can be a hard pill to swallow even if you have the feeling your foreseeable future holds a better life for you as it is. The mere thought of saying goodbye to your good friends and leaving your comfort zone at the same time can really test out your bravery and resolve.

But there’s something else, too, that will make the process of moving house even harder – saying goodbye to a home full of memories. It’s quite possible that the place you’ve lived in for years has ceased to be just a structure to keep you safe and protected and sheltered – it’s become something much more – it’s become your place, your home, your fortress. And now the sad part is that you’re about to leave it and your new home won’t feel like home for some time, if ever.

Learn how to say goodbye to your childhood home with a few easy yet very important steps to be able to get that soothing feeling of closure.

Safeguard the great memories

Saying goodbye to a home prior to moving away can be tough mostly for the good memories associated with it. If you’ve had a good time during your stay there, it’s only understandable that you wouldn’t want to lose that pleasant run of fun, laughter and special moments. Mostly, you wouldn’t want to forget about the great times you’ve had under the roof of the very house or apartment that you’re getting ready to leave.

A proven way to fight that potential loss is keep the memories alive by taking plenty of photos of your home. Use your digital camera spontaneously to document how your place looks at that particular moment of time. In addition to all the photos, you can also record short video clips of the ongoing pre-move activities such as packing up for the upcoming move. With digital cameras you won’t even have to worry about running out of film, so take your smartphone or your standalone camera and simply snap away.

Letting go of your childhood home is easier when you know that you have meaningful photos and videos to keep the memories alive years after the move. Upon reaching your new place, arrange the best photographs in an album which should be able to help you work through your nostalgic emotions later on during the (long) acclimatization period.

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Say goodbye from the heart

It’s important to say goodbye to your home in a way that you can actually feel it inside. Keeping dear mementos to jog your memory at a later time is a crucial step but at times you just need to say it out loud for it to matter. So, you shouldn’t be too shocked to learn that one of the best ways to say goodbye to the house you grew up in, for example, is to actually voice your farewell.

One day before Moving day, or maybe even on the morning of the move day itself, it’s time to go from room to room and say your farewells to each little walled living space. If you have enough time, it’s a good idea to urge each family member to tell their favorite memory associated with the room. Live in one place long enough and that place gets filled with all kinds of great stories and fun events and ridiculous situations. It’s all part of the greater scheme, remember?

Once you’ve said goodbye to a room, don’t forget to close each door as a symbol of your intention to move on with your life.

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Take a piece of your home

When it comes to specific rituals for saying goodbye to a house, an unmatched tactical move is to take a souvenir from that soon-to-be-old home – something meaningful enough to remind of that period in your life. Whatever you decide to “steal” shouldn’t be something that you will pack up and move either way – it needs to be something much more special than that.

Here are a few simple ideas of what to keep with you as part of your preparations to say goodbye to your first home. If you have favorite flowers, shrubs or even very young trees growing around your home, consider transporting them and re-planting them when you reach your new place. Don’t forget to take a bit of soil from around your house, too, to keep those plants happy.

Are there any joyful sounds around your house or apartment that you will miss? Record them. The blissful sound of raindrops on the windows of your room? Record that too! What about borrowing the door handle of your most loved room in that home of yours? Be creative, be spontaneous!

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Leave your bad memories behind

Remember the advice above to keep all the great memories from slipping away from your head? Although that is a solid piece of advice, sadly enough, not all memories are worth remembering. Thus, before you know how to say goodbye to your home, you must be sure that you’re willing to take the time and efforts to do it in style. After all, if the major reason to move out is to run away from something, or from someone, then you probably won’t be too thrilled to bid farewell to the place to start with.

In such cases, what you might be willing to do instead is to break your bad luck in order to end your unfortunate streak of unpleasant memories. How do you do it? One possible way is to take an inexpensive vase or a large jar, or even an ordinary plate made of porcelain or clay, and break it to pieces. Although largely symbolic, that act of smashing a piece of your old life could get you into the right mindset.

Most importantly though, focus on what’s ahead of you and think about the new-home adventures that await you, as well as all the lovely people you will meet after the move without neglecting to keep in touch with your old friends, of course.

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