How to move with no money saved?

How to move with no money and no job
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Moving house can be both a stressful and expensive experience so it’s no wonder that the majority of people faced with a residential move, be it a short distance or a long distance one, try very hard to find good ways to lower the levels of relocation stress and, much more often – to bring down the moving price as far as it can go. Practice shows that these are the two goals that preoccupy people’s minds while they’re getting ready to move out – the struggles to experience less stress and to pay less money at the same time.

However, the biggest question here is how to move with little money or even how to move with no money at all? Of course, the first logical reaction is that that is an impossible task, a mission impossible even for the bravest of home movers. How could you possibly move with no money saved when everybody is well aware of the pricey services offered by professional moving companies? It just can’t be done.

Or can’t it? There are no impossible things, remember?

While you shouldn’t expect miraculous solutions for highly unpleasant penniless pre-move situations, you should read on to find some excellent tips for moving with no money – or in other words, to do the best you can with what you’ve got.

Do you really have to move now?

It’s important to understand that most of the times having no money is a temporary state rather than a permanent one, so it’s safe to assume that even if you can’t really spare any money for the upcoming relocation, you will eventually save up enough with time. And if that assumption is true, then it’s only logical that you should re-assess the urgency of your decision to move house with an insufficient moving budget.

If the circumstances are not forcing you to move out right now or anytime soon, then you should definitely give the whole thing another thought. When moving to another home, timing is a crucial factor that can guarantee the success of you move or doom it to failure. And when you save up enough money to cover the moving costs (check out the average moving costs), then you can rest assured that you won’t start a difficult task with a clear disadvantage.

On the other hand, if you have no choice but to start packing up your home even though you haven’t saved up enough, then read on to find a better solution.

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Isn’t a new job always the solution?

The transitional nature of your current situation (moving out with no money) is a sign that things will soon change for the better. If you have no job either, then your top priority is to look for one as soon as you can so that you can regain the financial stability you need to survive a residential move without any dire consequences for you. Moving with no money and no job is a Herculean challenge indeed so initiate the job hunting process without any further delay.

In case you already have a secured job in your destination city or town, then you may want to consider asking your future employer for a loan that should be enough to cover the moving expenses to get there. Every new beginning is tough, and a little financial help from the company you will work for soon will go a long way towards securing your loyalty and work ethics.

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Won’t your parents and friends give you a hand?

Speaking of receiving timely help, it’s the people who are the closest to you that should best understand your desperate need of move related help. Yes, it’s not always easy to ask for help but moving with little or no money is not easy either, so you should work with what you’ve got at the moment.

Ideally, your own parents will offer you a monetary loan until your move is over and you manage to get back on your feet. If they can’t afford to lend you money or if that scenario is out of the question for some other reason, then they can still prove to be helpful – not only by being ready to give you a hand during the tough preparation period, but also by offering you life-saving household items so that you won’t have to purchase after the move. Don’t be quick to turn down free furniture pieces, kitchen utensils, household appliances and anything else which will save you plenty of cash later on.

Needless to say, your good friends can provide enormous assistance, especially when it comes to sharing all types of packing supplies they no longer need, being there for you on Moving day when things can get rather physical, and even lending you a moving vehicle, if applicable at all.

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Are you in the mood to earn some money?

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that probably the best solution when moving house with no money is to get some fresh cash into your moving budget. While that seems easier said than done, there are one proven way you can achieve that prior to your move – sell all the household items you will never need again.

Now, getting rid of anything unwanted will give you a tremendous boost in two distinct ways:

  • moving fewer household items will lower the overall weight of your shipment, which will automatically bring down the final relocation bill,
  • and most importantly – selling your unwanted possessions at a garage sale or online will help you pocket much needed cash to help you cover the imminent moving expenses, or at least some of them.

Be careful should you choose to sell some of the belongings to your friends, especially really close friends. This is a tricky matter as material things are supposed to be given to goods friends, not sold.

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Become your own financial manager

All in all, moving out of home with no money is a real challenge that might as well prove to be too much to handle for you. If selling your unwanted items at a yard sale or online is not enough to pay for organizing a self-move (short distance relocation under specific terms) or pay for hiring a professional moving company (general local or cross country moves), then asking for a loan from your parents or your future employer might be the next best thing. If both tactical moves fail, then re-assessment your decision to move out in the first place should be your next step.

Regardless of your unique pre-move circumstances, being extra careful how you manage your finances is your best bet against being forced to do the impossible – to move with no money saved.

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