How to move into a high rise apartment?

How to move into a high rise apartment?
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Moving into a new home can be rather tough even without additional complications such as moving big furniture and heavy cardboard boxes up multiple stories, fitting bulky household items inside claustrophobic elevators, and worst of all – observing an excess of rules and regulations governed by the building management. Yes, we’re referring to moving into a high rise apartment – a challenging relocation endeavor that could cost you if you’re not paying close attention to the (moving) details.

But wait! What is a high rise building? According to the National Fire Protection Association, engineers, inspectors, and architects, a high rise building is one that is at least or higher than 75 feet /23 meters/, or roughly about 7 stories.

In most of the cases, knowing the specifics of how to move into a high rise apartment may turn out to be the difference between a smooth household move where things go according to plan and a bumpy one where your money, time, and nerves can be easily put to the test. Which relocation method you get will depend on your level of readiness to face and tackle the challenges one by one.

So, how do you move into a high rise apartment? To be well-informed about what to expect from the upcoming move is a great way to jump-start your moving preparations. You need to get ready for what’s next, and what’s next for you can hardly be classified as a walk in the park.

Here are the top 5 things to know when moving into a high rise apartment.

1. Follow the rules

High rise buildings are densely populated and everybody knows that when you place too many people in one place, sometimes things could get easily out of hands. Luckily, there are the rules and regulations that make it possible for many people to live peacefully under the roof of a single building.

When moving into a high rise building, you will, at one point or another, learn about the rules. In fact, strict rules for tenants or owners may lead to a rather different experience from what you know or have heard until now as far as regulations go. For example, some high rise rules allow pets, others don’t.

Understanding what is expected of you will make things much smoother and will avoid potentials problems with the rest of the tenants and the building management as well. Get familiar with the rules that govern the high rise before you make up your mind to actually move into the high rise building.

2. Make the reservations

This is important – you have to make moving reservations before moving into high rise buildings. If you don’t, then you risk getting a fine which will definitely put a damper on your day.

The policies of some high rise buildings state that you must contact the building management before moving in. The goal here is to let the building managers know the exact day when you’re arriving so that they can make the necessary arrangements. Be proactive yourself!

  • Reserve a parking space for the moving truck on the day of your arrival. The closer the moving vehicle is to the high rise building, the faster the unloading process will be.
  • Reserve the building elevator – if you’re lucky, it will be a freight elevator specifically designed to move heavier and bulkier items up and down the floors.

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3. Create more space

Even though your new high rise apartment will be a bit closer to outer space than a house on the ground level, you’ll probably get a tad disappointed at how limited the living space is in your new home. Yes, most high-rise buildings have limited living space and restricted means of access, so it’s important to remember that your new place is not likely to have enough room house extra items – items you won’t necessarily need in the near future.

The solution is simple enough – take only what you will really need and use in the foreseeable future. Fewer household items will mean you will be able to enjoy a more spacious and de-cluttered home where the friendly Feng shui energy will flow in freely from room to room. But that is only one part of the beneficial process of moving into a high rise building with only the most essential items because you will also save money and time by making the right call.

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4. Solve the furniture issue

Due to the limited space, one of the most problematic aspects of moving into a high rise is the furniture you’ve decided to take with you. That is especially true for the larger pieces of furniture that are not only over-sized and oddly-shaped, but can be extremely heavy as well.

How to move furniture into a high rise?

  • The best way to handle possible furniture issues is to sell some of the pieces prior to the move to get extra cash and save transportation costs at the same time.
  • The next best thing is to create a floor plan before moving in into a high rise building. The floor plan will help you figure out the exact location of each of your furniture pieces so that they get moved to their final spots only once. Time and efforts saved!
  • Take your measuring tape and get to work. Check the dimensions of your larger furniture pieces against the dimensions of the front door of the high rise apartment to see whether they will fit in problem-free. If they don’t, you still have a few good options to choose from: take a look at them here.
  • Finally, isn’t it time to call experienced furniture movers for backup?

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5. Ensure high-rise safety

When moving into a high rise apartment, safety is an essential issue which you cannot just ignore. Here are a few must-do steps to ensure your own safety and the safety of your own family.

  • Make sure you have taken the necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your new home. You know, adequate security equals peace of mind, which in turn equals good living conditions. Besides the obligatory change of the front door locks, consider installing a burglar alarm as well.
  • Prevent accidents of any type by setting up fire alarm systems, placing a fire extinguisher on a strategically chosen spot, as well as child-proofing and pet-proofing your new apartment.
  • Do whatever needs to be done even if that means cleaning up the entire place. In the majority of cases, cleaning your high-rise apartment is step that you cannot possibly avoid. Follow a first-class moving-in cleaning checklist to make the living space safer for you, for your kids and your pets too. If you can’t spare the time or don’t have the required energy, you can hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you. Of course, that will cost you extra.

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BONUS TIP: Get the right type of moving help

By now you should be aware that moving into a high rise building is not a joke. In general, it is more complicated than moving into a house for a number of obvious reasons: restricted access, limited space, and stricter regulations. Take the pressure and the stress of moving off your shoulders by trusting a professional moving company to do the hardest aspects of the relocation. Not surprisingly, they do have the experience, specialized equipment and right approach to turn your high rise apartment move into a well-deserved success.

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