How to host a housewarming party after the move?

How to host a housewarming party
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Congratulations on your recent household move!

Now, regardless of whether you’re a new home owner or a property renter, and irrespective of whether you have finished the unpacking project, or you’re roughly in the middle of it, or maybe you haven’t even started it, there is something you are probably really looking forward to – your housewarming party!

If you catch yourself thinking, “Great! Planning, organizing, and hosting a housewarming party is exactly what I need right now!”, then you might have a valid point. You just survived a residential move and the last thing you’d want is to go through another stressful event like an expensive and time-consuming event where a lot of people you barely know, or don’t know at all, will come to your new place and expect too many things from you.

The good news?

Housewarming parties are nothing like that! In reality, they are great for a number of reasons – read on to learn how to plan a housewarming party, how to throw the informal get-together, including some great housewarming party ideas and tips to turn into the fun, relaxing, and beneficial post relocation activity it’s meant to be.

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Why host a housewarming party at all?

One of your major concerns after the move can be that you probably won’t be completely ready with setting up your new home within the first couple of weeks. After all, considering how much time unpacking and then proper home decoration can really eat up (up to a few months!), the chances are you won’t be in the mood for fun so shortly after the relocation. However, the best thing about that unique post move event is that nobody will expect anything special from you. After all, the guests will know perfectly well what a residential move is all about as most of them will have been through such a period at least once in their lives.

Our housewarming tips start off with the basics of it all – the reasons why you should consider organizing such a party in the first place:

  • A housewarming party is supposed to bring good luck to the new residence and its inhabitants. That reason alone will be worth your time and efforts.
  • A housewarming party will serve as pleasant distraction from all the work ahead of you so you should definitely welcome such an opportune moment to fill your mind with more cheerful thoughts. Think of the upcoming break as a gulp of fresh air before you plunge deep into an ocean of post relocation tasks.
  • You will have a great chance of meeting new people – the very people who should have a greater role in your foreseeable future – friends, coworkers, neighbors, and even strangers who might become good friends as time goes by.

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How to plan a housewarming party?

Don’t worry – housewarming parties are not too complicated to plan, organize and execute because 1) they are supposed to be quite informal, 2) you’re supposed to invite only a carefully selected bunch of people, and 3) you can improvise to a large extent and still have a great stress-free fun activity in the end.

Pay attention to these proven tips for throwing a housewarming party:

  • What type of housewarming party? It’s entirely up to you to decide how you’re doing this: will it be a very casual daytime affair with light bites and various refreshments stretched out during one afternoon (ideal for smaller places), or will it be a fancier dinner party with more elaborate preparations? You can’t go wrong either way so choose the one that will best suit your time, resources, and taste.
  • Who to invite? It goes without saying that if you just moved across town, then you ought to invite all the friends who helped you move out. On the other hand, if you moved to another part of the country altogether, then inviting your loyal pals may not be possible. If that is the case, consider inviting some of your new coworkers and some of the next door neighbors, and of course – any old friends you might have in the destination city.
  • What about unpacking? You don’t need to be completely finished with unpacking to have a good housewarming party, but you can’t simply invite people over with piles and piles of moving boxes scattered all over your new place. Or can’t you? Unpack the living room and kitchen first as those two rooms will be subjected to the most scrutiny from your guests. Besides, you will obviously need those rooms to turn the post move get-together into reality. Don’t forget to clean up your place as most people will be looking around curiously, and there’s never a second chance to make a good first impression.
  • Need more space? If your new property is a house rather than an apartment and has a nice little backyard or a garden that can accommodate the guests, then you should definitely have an outside party. That way, the stress for you will be much less for you – as long as the weather permits it, of course. If your new living space is too small, remove all your breakables, anything that might be accidentally shattered to pieces or simply broken – guests will tend to bump into each other if the space is truly limited.
  • What about food and drinks? They will depend on the type of party to choose to throw. For the casual daytime get-together kind of thing, provide easy snacks, sandwiches, slices of pizza – anything that won’t require any preparation time. Any non-alcoholic drinks should do the trick. For a bit more formal dinner party, you may even choose to surprise your guests by demonstrating your solid cooking skills.
  • Small details? Remember that mall details can make a big difference – a few vases with fresh flowers placed on strategic places, scent candles, a few colorful balloons here and there, and a separate table where you can display the guests’ thoughtful gifts should be truly appreciated.

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How to host a memorable housewarming party

Once you are ready with the party preparations, it’s time to be the good host you know you can be. Here’s some final advice on how to throw a housewarming party for the ages!

  • Dim the lights in the house to make the atmosphere more pleasant and more inviting;
  • If your furniture pieces have not been re-assembled yet completely, then just have a housewarming party with no furniture! Provide enough seating places, consider placing pillows on the ground to make things even more casual and to open up much more space for your guests to mingle and interact;
  • Use a coffee table as a regular table, place coasters and napkins so that your guests can keep their drinks on it without staining it. Another way you can utilize your coffee table is to make it an easily movable buffet which people can circle around to keep their energy elevated, and most importantly – their spirits up;
  • Shoes! Decide ahead of time about one of the most intriguing dilemmas of housewarming parties – shoes on or shoes off. Basically, it all depends on whether your floors are already carpeted or not – if you’re just installed one of your favorite carpets and vacuum cleaned it before the party, then inform your guests at the door that it’s a no-shoes affair but do provide enough room for their shoes;
  • What things to do at a housewarming party? Play games! An example of a game which will be beneficial for everyone is for you to tell your plans about the new place, including any renovation projects or innovative ideas to make it special. Then ask your guests for ideas how to make your new place better – you might end up receiving priceless pieces of advice. And, if you do intent to renovate it, somebody may actually give you good recommendations for a quality renovation company or a self-employed person who will do a good job and won’t overcharge you. Oh, and don’t forget to offer prizes for the best ideas!

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