How much does it cost to move an apartment?

How much does it cost to move an apartment?
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Moving house is a unique period in a person’s life where tension usually runs high and time always runs faster than a sprinter towards the finish line. On top of that, various concerns and genuine worries tend to lodge into home movers’ minds and won’t leave them in peace until the house move is done and over with.

If you’ve already scheduled a move out of your apartment soon, it’s only normal that your mind will be preoccupied with the average cost to move an apartment. After all, it’s your hard-earned money that will be on the line here so it’s important that you know in advance what to expect as far as moving costs for a 1 bedroom apartment go, as well as 2- and 3 bedroom apartments.

Read on to find more information about the average costs of moving an apartment locally and cross country, including what major factors influence the final moving price.

What major factors affect the price to move an apartment?

Before we give you specific example prices of moving an apartment, let’s discuss briefly how the moving cost is formed in general so that you try to find good ways to move to your new home for less money.

  • Distance. It’s only logical that the greater the distance is to the new apartment or house, the more transportation costs will be incurred during the move. But although greater distance means more money, the move mileage is the one thing you won’t be able to control in any way.
  • Weight. The overall weight of the possessions you’ve decided to take with you will determine, to a large degree, the final cost to move an apartment. If you only move the household items you really need, then you will be able to save loads of money before and during the actual relocation, as well as plenty of space in your new home after the actual relocation.

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  • Extra services. Of course, each extra service will cost you more money, so whenever possible, look for ways to minimize the number of services done by the pros. For example, instead of paying professional packers, if you manage to pack up your entire home on your own, or at least do it partially, then completing that job by yourself should cut the moving costs significantly.

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  • Type of move. Moving out of your apartment on your own? Need a moving company for a partial move? Plan to hire a full service mover? Each one of these move types will influence significantly the final moving price.

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How much does it cost to move a one bedroom apartment?

The exact price of your one-bedroom apartment move will be determined by the case-by-case factors mentioned above. The good news for you is that, under specific circumstances, your move may be perfectly manageable on your own.

Cost to move a one bedroom apartment locally

The first thing to remember about short distance moves is that a local move is relocation that stays within 100 miles of the point of origin and does not any cross state lines. Depending on the town or city you live in, the local movers in your area will charge you by the hour: between $80-$120 per hour for two professional movers and a truck of the right size. Therefore, if we assume an average cost of about $100 for a couple of helpers and a vehicle, then moving a one bedroom apartment costs approximately $500-$600 (an average of 5-6 hours of labor required).

Costs to move a 1 bedroom apartment cross country

Long distance movers don’t charge by the hour but calculate the final price based on distance, weight of shipment, and additional services. It’s very hard to give any accurate costs to moving a one bedroom apartment across the country not only because of the ever-changing factors already mentioned, but also because of the fact that different movers have different long distance tariffs.

If we assume an approximate weight of 3500 pounds for the household items in your home, then the standard price of moving a 1 bedroom apartment is around $1500 for a distance of 500 miles, or roughly $2000 for 1000 miles. Keep in mind that these average costs are nothing but estimates and include neither packing nor any other extra services.

How much does it cost to move a 2 bedroom apartment?

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that moving a 2 bedroom apartment is not only a tougher job than moving a one bedroom home, but it’s costlier too. Naturally, the price difference comes from the larger amount of household items found in it.

Cost to move a 2 bedroom apartment locally

As you already know, local movers charge by the hour so if we assume, once again, that $100 is the standard rate of hiring 2 movers and a moving vehicle, then 6-7 hours should be enough for the pros to get the job done. Which also means that you should expect to pay roughly $600-$700 for having your 2 bedroom apartment moved locally by professionals.

Price to move a 2 bedroom apartment cross country

The cost of a cross country move will always be mainly about distance and weight. To get a rough idea of the price for moving a 2 bedroom apartment long distance, expect to pay around $2000 if your home is about 500 miles away, or around $2500 for a 1000 mile move. These estimated costs do not include assessorial services and are based on an average weight of 5000 pounds.

How much does it cost to move a 3 bedroom apartment?

The average weight of the things found inside 3-bedroom apartments is 7500 pounds and that fact alone can make your local or long distance move too expensive. Make sure you purge your home of anything unnecessary long before your professional movers arrive at your door.

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Price to move a 3 bedroom apartment locally

For moving a 3 bedroom apartment, you can expect to pay local movers about $900 for labor alone (approx. 9 hours) at a rate of about $100 for two movers and a truck.  This price is only a rough approximation and what you will actually pay movers for the short distance may be way less or even above that amount.  Always ask your mover for price estimation before the move takes place.

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Expenses to move a 3 bedroom apartment cross country

Based on an average weight of 7500 pounds for a 3 bedroom apartment, the price for having your earthly possessions moved to another part of the country will be approximately $2600 for 500 miles, or about $3500 for a 1000 mile moving trip. Expect to pay more if you choose to include additional moving services such as packing, insurance, storage, and so on.

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