How far in advance to book movers?

How far ahead to schedule movers?
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To organize a successful house move is never an easy task, even if the odds seem to be stacked up in your favor. There are just too many things to think about, too many pre-move jobs to complete, too many tough questions to answer and even more and tougher puzzles to solve. In reality, how you organize the time you have until your move-out day is exactly what will determine whether your moving adventure will have a happy end or not.

Once you start planning out your move, it won’t be long before you start asking yourself, “How far in advance should I book a moving company?” And that very question can be a real puzzle, especially if you’ve never moved house before. Are several days in advance enough? One week? Two weeks? Are you required to book your movers at least 4 weeks prior to your move date? Is it more than one full month?

There are usually two answers to help you understand how far in advance to schedule movers. The short response is Book your movers nj as early as you can. Really helpful, right?

Luckily for you, there’s also a long answer which will give you a bit more information about why booking your move as far in advance as possible will prove to be beneficial to you. Also, read on to learn how to choose a good move date too.

Why scheduling your move in advance is always better

One thing is certain – booking a mover earlier is always better for you as a customer. The clear advantages of scheduling your move as soon as possible are:

  • you’ll have your desired move day confirmed and reserved early so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your move, such as packing up your home, for example;
  • you’ll get highly experienced and vigorously trained moving crew members who simply understand what is expected of them, and they know how to deliver the best relocation service too;
  • you’ll get a better deal the sooner you schedule your move as some moving companies will be willing to reward their pro-active clients with discounts for early booking;
  • you’ll get a much larger selection of movers to choose from, and that will give you a better foundation to find the affordable professional moving service you need.

Booking your mover early means far less stress for you! Trust us – you don’t want to postpone booking a moving service for too long or you may miss your one and only chance to hire great movers.

It’s fair to say that during the summer months, some moving companies are forced to hire temporary laborers who have little or even zero moving experience. Ultimately, having inexperienced strangers in your home is exactly when things could get genuinely bad for your beloved possessions and absolutely unhealthy for you as a customer.

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How far in advance do I need to book movers?

It’s good to remember that summer is the height of the moving season. According to statistical data, roughly 65% of all household moves in the country take place during the 5-month stretch from May until September.

During the busiest period for the relocation industry, the demand for reputable and experienced local and cross country movers is so high that most top-rated movers require that their serviced be booked at least 4 weeks prior to moving day. During the off-season (September-May), you should be able to book good movers with only 2 weeks or even 1 week in advance. If possible, book your mover earlier than that just to stay on the safe side.

Needless to say, the best moving companies out there will do their best to accommodate moves booked less than 1 month in advance or even some last minute moves as well, but such emergency scenarios often prove to be impossible during the summer months.

As a rule of thumb, the more lead time you can give your movers, the more likely it is that they will be able to meet your requirements when it comes to pick-up and delivery schedule, including the number of additional services you may need. In other words, the question of how far ahead to schedule movers comes to the simple idea that the farther out you can plan your move, the more and better choices you will have in terms of availability, services, and prices.

So, how far in advance to book a moving company? To recap, schedule your move as soon as you possibly can. If you know a few months ahead of time, book your movers then. If you know one month ahead of time, contact your movers immediately. If you only have 2 weeks, 1 week or just a few days until your move-out date during the summer months, don’t despair as there are many last minute movers ready to give you a hand. It only means your moving options will be much more limited than you would have wanted.

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When is the best time to schedule my move?

If you’re wondering when to schedule your move, then you should know that the best time to do that is when it’s best for you. Sure, there are busy and not-so-busy times for the moving industry, plus you’ll read numerous pieces of advice on how to save money when deciding on a moving date. That’s okay, but if those times and dates don’t agree with your own personal schedule, then it won’t really matter.

Unless, of course, you have the liberty to actually choose your own move-out date. If that is the case, then you must definitely take advantage of that unique opportunity to lower your moving expenses and move house for less. Booking your move early can give you an edge or even a possible discount, but it’s choosing the right moving day that will actually let you save hard-earned money.

How to choose a good move date? Make sure you take into account the next few pointers.

  • Choose a date somewhere in the slow season for the moving industry – September through May;
  • Avoid booking your move in the beginning and end of a month when most leases begin and end;
  • Avoid scheduling your move during national holidays;
  • Keep your moving day away from weekends – Fridays are notorious for being the busiest weekdays in the relocation industry. In 2016, the busiest moving days for the entire year were June 30 and August 1.

Considering what you’ve read so far, don’t forget to book your move right now.

Good luck with your house move!

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